USA Based Entertainment App Company Received Detailed Social Media Market Research and Product Analysis

Social Media Market Research

Client Profile – USA Based Entertainment App

The client is a USA based entertainment company that gives talents a world stage where they can promote their skills, be discovered, and get paid. The app is a one-stop solution to win cash prizes, booking to perform at various concerts, its promotions across the entertainment industry.

Client Requirement – Social Media Market Research

The client was looking for a partner that could assist them in social media market research, social media market trends, social media market product analysis, social media user information, and more. They found BackOffice Pro very experienced and tied up with us.

Challenges in the Project at Early Stage

The social media research for collecting all information was a complex requirement in the initial phase; however, with our expertise and experience, we overcame the challenge with ease and delivered the project on time.

Tailor-made Steps of BackOffice Pro
for Social Media Market Research

A team of market research experts started working on the project by making a market overview of the social media market trends and product analysis, key features and differentiators, social media evolution, market drivers, challenges, and opportunities. The second step was to collect social media user information, customer preferences, social media adoption, how users interact with brands in social media, and more.

Along with these, we had to perform a geographic market analysis, global market analysis, social media penetration and application, competitor analysis, audience profiles, and overview, the engagement rate of Instagram, Snapchat, and Youtube. Additionally, we had to analyze key statistics of TikTok, revenue statistics, and usage statistics along with their marketing strategy, advertisements, devices, etc.


Remarkable Benefits the Client Received from BOP

With our social media research report, the client was able to keep track of social media platform trends, and they were highly satisfied. They contracted with us for more upcoming projects.