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The modern world constantly produces an endless stream of new image content. These images vary in resolution and visual impact, and play key roles in communications for a wide range of industries, from journalism and online retail, to engineering and urban refurbishment. The Image Annotation and Tagging Services at BackOffice Pro offer to create structures and detailed descriptions of images to improve the user-friendliness and cohesiveness of picture libraries.

Due to the sporadic nature of most firms’ demand for image processing, the cost benefit of outsourcing emerges as the most beneficial solution. BOP offers these services to clients who wish to update their cataloging and image management processes. We are able to work professionally, within tight schedules, and offer a team curated to your specific requirements. We operate on a well-honed process of delivery which is cost-effective, transparent, and designed to optimize your image banks.

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BOP’s Image Annotation Entry Skill Sets

BOP’s team members have honed their expertise in managing data banks and the handling of large quantities of images, having successfully navigated these types of challenges in the past. A wealth of specialized knowledge of product inventory upkeep, interlinking within visual asset management guarantees a seamless experience for our clients.

  • The core team of picture keyword specialists at BOP is built from a diverse group of analysts with a broad collective knowledge base. Past challenges overcome by our team members include categorization of stock items, online stores, self-driving cars, space photography, VR and AR, research and development in the pharmaceutical industry and many more.
  • Our use of key apps like Szoter, LabelMe, and Pixtick allows our team to offer the full spectrum of image and keyword services.
  • Leading minds in unmanned scanning technology, scientific imagery, and the processing of these outputs are on call during pivotal stages of each project.
  • We are capable of tasks such as selecting, outlines, symmetry, background shading, measuring, angles, opacity, freehand drawing, linking, and any related content enhancement operations.
  • BOP offers internal sourcing of additional team members with specialist knowledge of optimizing the quality of images, as well as media library management. We have extensive experience with collecting, refining, broadcasting, secure storage, utilization, and exhibition of digital pictures.
  • BOP’s additional post-project offerings make it possible to continue the flow of work effortlessly into the conceptualization of product directories, geographically correct information profiling, administration of online stores, and more.

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BOP’s Tagging Annotation Services include

  • Tagging and annotation service Linking every image to key searchable terms boosts the potential for pinpointing, retrieving, and sorting of the images going forward. Increasing the usefulness of image libraries and compensating for obsolete or absent items, the images were formed into groups and subgroups. BOP can assist you with the improvement and maintenance of your current image store.
  • Bounding box and annotation service Strategic use of bounding box allows highlighting the elements in images and enables to have machine intelligence and communications with online customers efficiently. BackOffice Pro makes partial use of automated systems, backed up by human analysis and modification. This approach allows us to offer top-quality outputs and a rapid turnaround time.
  • Gesture Annotation Service

Outsourcing Benefits from BackOffice Pro

BackOffice Pro is a leading provider of data processing services across a wide range of industries and geographic locations. Benefits of working with us include:

  • Annotation, tagging, and footnote commentary service enhance the accessibility of images for use in any number of applications.
  • Image libraries can be optimized to be used to its full potential through the adoption of our keyword and cataloging services, with category plotting. This added care will make a marked difference in the efficiency of the database.
  • Our image tagging offerings are honed from extensive practical exposure to the optimization of metadata. Our expertise has been used and applied by various clients, including large-scale sales inventories and state-of-the-art VR systems. Our clients utilize BOP’s combined insights into multiple business categories.
  • The BOP team delivers verified outputs within agreed SLA that helps in reducing cost and unburdening internal workforces.
  • The vast team of analysts at BOP offer expertise in the drafting of new catalogs, analyzing images, editing of videos, and adding visual effects. This offering is enhanced by high-level interdepartmental communication.

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