Outsource Floor Plan Conversion to India

BackOffice Pro (BOP) serves as the back-office team for real estate and property marketing companies to outsource floor plan conversion. With various engagement models of the full-time equivalents (FTEs), BOP’s real estate image editors support the influx of floor conversion requirements that help real estate companies to portray the area and the layout. Complying with the ISO procedures for every project, we deliver high-quality output in various formats as per the requirements.

The 2D and 3D floor plans from BOP help the potential buyers envision their lives in the property. They grab the buyers' attention and give them a clear view of the floor plan, helping them make their buying decisions serving as important marketing material. Outsource floor plan conversion to the BOP to get the best quality 2D and 3D floor plans.

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Floor Plan Conversion Skill sets at BOP

Converting floor plans require an eye for detail, an in-depth understanding of floor plan basics, color correction, photography and lighting concepts, and different image editing software usage. Below is the list of skill sets we possess while aiming at delivering the best output when you outsource floor plan conversion requirements to us:

  • Proven working experience with Photoshop, Illustrator, 3Ds MAX, VRay
  • Experienced in converting floor-plan estimated drawings to 2D and 3D floor plans.
  • In-depth understanding of the relationships among the rooms, spaces, patterns, and other features and different structure levels.
  • Expert in creating the measured drawings to scale of the floor layout incorporating floor areas, room names, and dimensions, compass
  • Extensive knowledge of adding 3D objects and furniture in the floor plan to make in interactive
  • Knowledge of the orthographic projection of the 3D objects on the floor from a horizontal plane.
  • Command on the lighting concept, camera angles, and adjusting lights

Floor Plan Conversion Services at BackOffice Pro

BackOffice Pro is your ideal destination to outsource floor plan conversion. As one of the significant companies providing floor plan conversion services in India, our image editors are highly competent in offering a wide spectrum of floor plan services with high-level precision. Here are the services below:

  • 2D Floor Plans

    At BOP you get enticing 2D floor plans within quick turnaround time to attract your buyers and make a better buying experience. We refer to the existing drawings and images of the property to create the 2D floor plans.

  • 3D Floor Plans

    By outsourcing floor plan conversion to the BOP, you get custom 3D floor plans tailored to match your needs that facilitate your buyers to view the property without visiting it physically instantly.

  • Remodeling Floor Plans

    Convert your property layout sketches and 2D architectural plans to 3D plans with BOP to make the floor plans interactive for your buyers while persuading them to make the buying decision.

  • Format Conversion

    With the BOP team, transform existing media, including drawings, photographs, or existing CAD file formats from all major CAD software, including AutoCAD, CATIA, MicroStation, and ArchiCAD output into JPEG, PNG, or DWG formats.

Benefits of Outsourcing Floor Plan Conversion to BackOffice Pro

The seasoned image editors offer accurate floor plans that serve as effective marketing tools for real estate companies. When you outsource floor plan conversion requirements to BOP, you get the benefits below:

  • Portray the property space definitively to your buyers, facilitating them to visualize the space, thereby increasing your inquiry numbers.
  • Help your buyers to understand the spatial dynamics, dimensions of the area, and room layout designs.
  • Showcase the interior, exterior, garden areas, and highlight the floor layout and important features.
  • Refer to the floor plan while re-constructing or extending the structure to accurately depict the position of the room, door, and windows, etc.


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Outsource Floor Plan Conversion to Turn your Real Estate Floor Plans into Enticing Marketing Materials

The modern world of real estate marketing needs every edge to stand out. Flat, one-dimensional floor plans are not the edge. Instead, they are basic, which do not sell. BackOffice Pro, one of the best companies providing floor plan conversion services in India, transforms your basic property images into stunning pieces of floor plans that serve as modern marketing collateral. We are trusted by the global real estate and property marketing companies for their floor plan conversion and other architectural drafting services. Contact us to know how we can cater to your business requirements.