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BackOffice Pro (BOP) has been providing outsourcing support for book illustration services to creative design agencies, publishing houses, professional designs, and writers for over a decade. BOP prides on seamlessly integrating with your existing teams with our skill and experience to offer your company a hassle-free, fully immersive experience that results in the highest quality artworks being produced.

BOP grants your company access to our highly trained, deeply experienced team, cutting-edge technology, and proven processes. We guarantee top quality outputs that are sure to bring your book up to publishing standard. Outsourcing to BackOffice Pro is easy, cost-effective, and secure. Contact our team using the form on our website to get started.

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Book Illustration Services Offered by Back Office Pro

Our team has over a decade of book illustration experience across both digital and traditional formats. Our service offering includes:

  • Style Development We work with publishing firms to identify the optimal stylistic notes for any book. By crafting various options, we enable you to gain a visual insight into the decision-making process.
  • Character Development Our team crafts memorable characters by taking into account posture, body shape, anatomy, facial expressions, colors, movements, costumes, and an array of other variables.
  • Cover Art BackOffice Pro is capable of producing engaging cover art, highlighting the book’s subject matter, while maintaining the stylistic properties of other elements of the publication.
  • Storybook Art We craft immersive images to enhance the relatability of storybooks. We take our design cues from the text and subject matter, making use of the design standards that govern each unique book.
  • Comic Book Art Our global team of accomplished visual and graphic artists is experienced in drawing detailed art for comic books.
  • Textbook Art BackOffice Pro boosts the interest factor and relatability of textbook content by making use of immersive and instructional imagery.
  • eBook Art We can optimize artwork and illustrations for use in eBooks and other related online media.

Book llustration Skillsets at BackOffice Pro

BackOffice Pro’s industry-leading team of illustrators are sourced globally, and hail from a variety of backgrounds. We enable the effortless creation of high-quality illustrations. Our skill sets include:

  • Degrees in fine arts, graphic design, visual communication, and related fields.
  • An extensive portfolio that includes styles such as pencil drawings, watercolor, freehand, lithography, collages, vectors, and pen-and-ink graphics and product illustration.
  • Strong background in various methods of typography, layout, aesthetics, and color use.
  • Experience in all theediting software packages including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Bridge, InCopy, Lightroom, Autodesk Maya3, Acrobat Pro XI, and other professional tools.
  • In-depth understanding of web technology including HTML, PHP, CSS, JavaScript, jquery, and a wealth of alternative coding languages.
  • Conceptual sketching expertise to effectively communicate concepts and elements of your overall vision.
  • Photo editing capabilities wherever required, making use of extensive background in photo editing and enhancement.

Benefits of Availing Our Book llustration Services

BackOffice Pro has been providing the highest quality book illustration outsourcing services on the market. Outsourcing with us gives you access to some great benefits:

  • Cross-Industry Capabilities - We have experience in operating across multiple industries, including advertising, media, publishing, e-learning, education, and design.
  • Highly Experienced - Our team has over a decade of experience in creating book illustrations and assisting our client’s existing internal teams in their core functions.
  • Data Security - BackOffice Pro strictly adheres to the most stringent international data security regulations, ensuring the safety of your key information.
  • Cost Savings - You save on the cost of additional hires, software upgrades, and specifically skilled team members. Outsourcing to BackOffice Pro expands your company’s service offerings and boosts output quality.
  • Enhanced Communication - Our illustrations are of the highest international standard, enabling you to deliver messages and communicate more effectively.
  • Constant Transparency - We encourage input from our clients on major illustration decisions from character development to color palette selections.
  • Multiple Mediums - BackOffice Pro boasts the best illustration talent available, from hand-drawing artists to digital illustrators and graphic designers.
  • Rapid Delivery - We pride ourselves on our rapid turnaround times and high level of quality. Our outputs always comply with the highest standards.

Stunning and Memorable Illustrations from BackOffice Pro

BackOffice Pro creates unforgettable book illustrations, enhancing the theme and story-telling capabilities of any published work. We use the best illustrators in the world from a multitude of backgrounds to ensure that we always deliver premium quality artwork that translates across borders. Contact our team using the form on our website to get your illustrations looking incredible.