A Leading Truck-side Advertising Company in the US Increased Sales Volume with Mock-up Advertisement Designs

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Meet the Client: US Based Truck-side Advertising Company

The client is a leading truck-side advertising company specializing in designing attention-grabbing media solutions that are striking, novel and very successful. Their client base is from a very wide base of industries. Established in 2003, the client started their business by aligning with a few truck companies for advertising campaigns that used truck-side advertising.




Software / Application

Adobe Creative Suite

Advertisement Designing Challenges at the Client’s End

The client had very recently ventured into other businesses needed a vendor and due to the increasing demand. This vendor would be responsible for designing mock-up ads that would not only be lucrative, but also meet the client’s design standards. In addition the vendor would also aid the client’s back-end design department. We were approached to solve this critical requirement.

Custom Solution od Advertisement Design from BackOffice Pro

For the best solution management, subject matter experts were consulted. The client’s requirements were examined in detail and a solution was formed. The main features of this were as follows:

  • A project manager was employed. The manager would oversee the project and supervise a team of 3 art workers and 7 graphic designers.
  • All ad campaigns in the client’s field were collated with special attention to content, logo, shades, dimensions, selling proposition, branding and backdrop details.
  • A tactical analysis was undertaken to evaluate the advertising campaigns run by the client’s competitors.
  • Supplementary Adobe Creative Suit licenses were obtained so we could experiment with in-house campaigns before delivery.

Initially we faced the few challenges that include developing product ideas based on mock-up ads, which would be strong enough to carry message and brand across distances, and using colors, designs, and creativity to generate durable backdrops. However, with a strong and experienced team of graphic designers, we overcame the challenges.

Advertisement Design Outcome

The benefits that our client procured from our work included:

  • Our campaign carried a carefully constructed design that carried a clear message and was confirmed to be successful. This eventually broadened the reach for our end users.
  • The client’s sale volume went up with more of their customers expressing their satisfaction.

The client was successful in offering their services to other business verticals, repeating their previous success.

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