A Leading Truck Side Advertising Company Increased Sales Volume and Broadened its Customer Reach

The Client

The client is a leading truck side advertising company specializing in designing attention-grabbing media solutions that are striking, novel and very successful. Their client base is from a very wide base of industries. Established in 2003, the client started their business by aligning with a few truck companies for advertising campaigns that used truckside advertising.

The Project

The client had very recently ventured into other businesses needed a vendor and due to the increasing demand. This vendor would be responsible for designing mock-up ads that would not only be lucrative, but also meet the client’s design standards. In addition the vendor would also aid the client’s back-end design department. We were approached to solve this critical requirement.

The Challenges

We faced the following challenges in this project:

  • Seeking and allocating artists who were skilled and experienced in Ad graphic design
  • Based on mock-up ads, product ideas had to be developed which would be strong enough to carry message and brand across distances
  • Using colors, designs and creativity to generate durable backdrops
  • Ensuring a short turn-around-time for project delivery with 24/7 service

The Back Office Pro Solution

For the best solution management, subject matter experts were consulted. The client’s requirements were examined in detail and a solution was formed. The main features of this were as follows:

  • A project manager was employed. The manager would oversee the project and supervise a team of 3 art workers and 7 graphic designers.
  • All ad campaigns in the client’s field were collated with special attention to content, logo, shades, dimensions, selling proposition, branding and backdrop details.
  • A tactical analysis was undertaken to evaluate the advertising campaigns run by the client’s competitors.
  • Supplementary Adobe Creative Suit licenses were obtained so we could experiment with in-house campaigns before delivery.


The Results

The benefits that our client procured from our work included:

  • Our campaign carried a carefully constructed design that carried a clear message and was confirmed to be successful. This eventually broadened the reach for our end users.
  • The client’s sale volume went up with more of their customers expressing their satisfaction.

The client was successful in offering their services to other business verticals, repeating their previous success.