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BackOffice Pro is a leading outsourcing partner to the global pharmaceutical, biomedical, medical research universities, medical magazines, and the health industry, providing precise medical illustration services. Our medical illustrators design customized interactive illustrations to communicate complex medical information with the audience and engaging them. Outsource medical illustration services to BackOffice Pro in India to get a customized medical artwork.

Medical illustrators at BOP help in seamless medical communication through the illustrations. Whether you want a 2D hyper-realistic illustration or 3D interactive models for surgical illustration, dental illustration, ophthalmology illustration, anatomical illustration, or more, BOP experts are veterans in providing customized medical illustrations. Contact BackOffice Pro today to discuss your requirements.

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Medical Illustration Service Skillsets at BOP

BackOffice Pro medical illustrators have vast experience in providing precise anatomical illustrations with the following skills:

  • Ready to work on overnight turnaround for clients working on a tight deadline
  • Exceptional proficiency with Adobe Creative Suite, Maya, 3DSMax, Zbrush
  • Expert in producing medical visual content for medical journals, medical books, presentations, medical magazines, etc
  • Possess a detailed eye for creating an accurate anatomical illustration in a photorealistic style
  • Have a deeper understanding of light, value, color and composition, perspective, etc.
  • Excellent visualizers focusing on the essence and ease of medical communication
  • Proficient in graphic design and visual effects to enhance the medical illustrations
  • Seasoned in 2D illustrations and 3D animations for medical illustrations
  • Have a strong understanding of the foundation in drawing Human Anatomy, and Color Theory

Medical Illustration Services BOP Offers

The veteran illustrator team at BOP offers accurate medical illustration services to global companies in the health industries. Here is the list of services that we provide:

  • Surgical Illustration BOP delivers illustrations for advanced robotic surgical practices and for the procedures that are tried and tested. The illustrations that we create can be used in training manuals, presentations, advertisements for medical procedures, and devices.
  • Anatomical Illustration We create complex human body anatomy accurately that is used for scientific diagrams, charts, explaining the surgical procedures, detailed dissections, and conceptual drawings to educate.
  • Ophthalmology IllustrationBOP illustrators deliver human eye anatomy illustrations that help the audience to understand how the vision works and how eyes get affected by various health problems.
  • Dental Illustration We create dental illustrations for oral surgeons and dental clinics that describe the face anatomy, the oral surgical process, and the solution. We also offer 2D animation and 3D animation for medical communication.

Medical Illustration Benefits at BOP

Our medical illustration service is accurate, and our clients get the following benefits when they outsource their requirements to us:

  • Get biomedical illustration that educates the audiences about the human body, health problems, and their effects on the body, and different treatments to engage them.
  • Portray different parts, layers, and areas of the body, and their relationships effectively and describe the lymphatic connections
  • Explain the surgical processes workflow to help the patient get a clear understanding of the procedures
  • Communicate clearly about the medical complexities with the medical team with the illustrations

Enhance Your Medical Communication with Our Medical Illustrations

BackOffice Pro creates precise medical illustrations that help both internal and external communication seamless. Our illustrations help medical professionals to educate the patients and audience with surgical techniques, medical treatments in various mediums like websites, medical product guides, brochures, and more. Contact us to discuss your medical illustration needs and avail of all the outsourcing benefits from us.