Swedish Medical Research Company Gets Meticulous 3D Medical Animation of 80-Seconds and Saved Time through Outsourcing

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Meet the Client – Medical Research Firm in Sweden

In operation since 2005, the client is a Swedish company focused on socially responsible medical research. The company was founded to improve every facet of human life insofar as they could extend their reach. Powered by knowledge and vast financial capabilities, this client develops life science products and provides challenged communities with the tools they require to build.

In addition to many philanthropic pursuits, the company applies a critical business mindset to its endeavors. This enables them to weigh up their various competencies and resources, developing a practical, high-engagement, and lasting approach to creating social impact.

Objective of the 3D Medical Animation Requirement

Being in medical research, wanted to create an animated video with audio-visuals to support the research team with better retention of the cell structure concepts.




Software / Applications

Maya Dynamics, Adobe After Effects, and 3DSMAX,

Turnaround Time

3200 workhours

Client’s Challenges with the 3D Medical Animation Requirement

The client was looking to develop a 90-minute animatic model on medical cell structure. The full extent of the project included modeling medical cell structure, creating a flowing video, and developing a voice-over to enhance the full 90-second video.

BOP’s Custom Approach Towards the 3D Medical Animation

Using Maya Dynamics, Adobe After Effects, and 3DSMAX, our team followed the strict steps and the process we devised. We were able to impress the client with our 10 second initial paid trial, after which the remaining 80 seconds were developed. During our initial meeting with the client, we could iron out the finer details and set project parameters.

Using the initial script, we drafted sketches for the video. We used 3ds MAX to create the models of the cells based on the client-approved storyboard sketches and script. Using Adobe After Effects and Maya Dynamics, the models were rendered as full-length video clips. Upon completion of the rendering process, our team completed the final animation. Then we had to sync the client-provided voice-overs with the video. After client approval, we rendered the final output and delivered the ready-to-watch video.

Modeling the cells was somewhat difficult. Our team had to be 100% scientifically accurate while remaining in line with the script. We were able to take charge of the situation and present the client with a satisfactory result.

3D Medical Animation Project Takeaways

BackOffice Pro completed the project within a 30-day timeframe, using only 3200 work hours. The client was not only impressed by our timely delivery but also by the quality of the final video, which exceeded their expectations regarding quality and correctness.

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