Outsourcing Helped Australian Start-Up Company to Design their Logo and Branding Materials within 24 Hours

Logo Design Assistance in BackOffice Pro

BackOffice Pro (BOP) has extensive experience in logo design, filling up the primary need of branding material. Whether it is an individual company with branding needs or a graphic design company with an influx of logo design requirements, we support the needs with great ease. We use the latest technologies and keep banding psychology in mind to deliver amazing logo designs.

Start-ups often face considerable difficulties in resourcing full-fledged in-house team for their operations and other departments. The present case study entails how a startup made its way by outsourcing their logo design requirement to BackOffice Pro (BOP) and received the delivery within 24 hours.


Meet the Client – Branding Start-Up in Australia

The client is a start-up business in Australia whose services include marketing, branding, and web development, along with others of a similar nature.


Client’s Challenges in Logo Vectorization

As a fledgling start-up company, the client lacked the in-house resources to design their logo. The requirement was a complicated logo-vectorization that had to be finished in less than 24 hours. Further, the client also needed their Corporate Stationery to be designed, including letterheads and banners within the same timeframe.

They wanted to engage with an accomplished partner that offered competitive pricing supported by a skilled team with a flair for creating appealing designs and the ability to work with a stringent 24-hour timeline. Thus, they zeroed in with BOP to work with them for their requirements.

Custom Solution on Logo Vectorization from BackOffice Pro

Producing the design in 24 hours without compromising on the quality was a challenge to us initially. However, we used our highly experienced team in branding and design to take it to the finish line. We began with a trial for the client and provided 5 sample logos to ensure the project was completed within the deadline. Based on the trial, the client was able to assess the skill level of the team and provided feedback that helped the team achieve the client’s desired vision for their brand logo, letterheads, and banners.

Using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, BOP’s creative designer created a logo, letterhead, and banners that established the client’s brand. Our internal Quality Assurance (QA) team performed an extensive quality control check to verify if all aspects of the project met the client’s specifications and surpassed the expected quality benchmark. The final project was delivered on time to the client through email in JPEG and PDF formats.

Logo Vectorization Results

The client was benefitted in the following ways:

  • The logo was 100% accurate with a unique visualization of the client’s goals and business model.
  • Additionally, our branding services helped the client launch their company.
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Launch your Business with a Unique Logo and Brand Identity

BOP’s practical experience and unwavering adherence to the client’s requirements and the desired timeframe gives us a name in the branding industry. If you have similar needs, contact us for further information on our services and know how we can help you meet the challenges.

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