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BackOffice Pro (BOP) is one of the leading companies in India to outsource Staad Pro Services. Our advanced Staad Pro solutions allow nonlinear geometric analysis, p-delta analysis, pushover analysis, buckling analysis, response spectrum analysis, finite element analysis, and more for various structural engineering projects. With a flexible full-time equivalent (FTE) model, we deploy the Staad Pro software to support the design and analysis of structures, bridges, tunnels, columns, beams, metro stations, wastewater treatment plants, towers, etc.

We serve as your back-office partner, focusing on improving the design, analysis applications, and the correlation in the design phase. We adhere to the ISO guidelines to deliver high-quality and precise analysis harboring on the RAM Connection and AutoPIPE SACS to improve the collaboration among the disciplines involved in the structural projects.

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Staad Pro Service Skill sets at Backoffice Pro

When you Outsource Staad Pro Services, including model design, 3D modeling, drawings, reports, and analysis of projects and models, you can drastically improve your workflow.

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  • Experience with working with Staad Pro
  • Proficient in converting the structural design into an analytical model for streamlining the workflow.
  • Experienced in improving multidisciplinary collaborations among teams through broad interoperability applications like Revit, Tekla, XSteel,
  • Ace in optimizing concrete and steel BIM workflows with the complete integration of the physical members and different surfaces.
  • Adept at using finite element analysis and seismic analysis to create the 3D design for high-seismic regions or everyday conditions to ensure the structures sustain seismic loads without collapse
  • In-depth knowledge in performing structural analysis and design considering strong earthquake, flood, storm/wind, and other natural calamities
  • Wizard in performing a detailed review of engineering design calculations, details, drawings & reports
  • Expert in designing framing members, steel shop drawing, foundation engineering, and fabrication drawings, and produce construction documents for walls, slabs, and facades of structures

Staad Pro Services at BOP

As one of the best companies providing Staad Pro services in India, BOP experts provide structural designs and analysis for beam, column, floor, and wall designs, parametric modeling, creating multiple combinations, concrete structure, tile design, etc. When you outsource Staad Pro services to us, you get the below-mentioned services with efficient output:

  • Design and Analysis with Finite Elements With BOP structural engineers, complete and precise building design, analysis, and drafting for the structural engineering projects. Our experts efficiently engage in our state-of-the-art finite element analysis reducing time and eliminating delays.
  • Cold-formed Steel DetailingBOP provides the 3D design of light gauge steel members using complex cold-formed section libraries, avoiding the usage of the special-purpose applications. We create the 3D modeling, methods, and drafting of steel members, beams, columns involved in constructing structures.
  • 3D Structural DesignCreate 3D designs of the beams, columns, walls spanning multiple floors, stairs, railings, elevation, surfaces, etc., to simplify the structure modeling process. We develop accurate designs that reflect the exact structure with joints and free ends of the cantilevered members.
  • Parametric ModelingOutsource Staad Pro services create seamless parametric models that can be designed and analyzed within the software itself. Our parametric models include all aspects of the design, such as defining geometry, changing existing geometric dimensioning, and tolerance maintaining construction standards.
  • Design Load Generation and Multiple Load CombinationsGet an accurate load generation report by setting rules and constraints against the designs. We impose interdependent parameters such as load intensity, lane factors, loaded length on a lane to obtain the effects on structures.
  • Concrete DesignUsing the concrete Design workflow on models in Staad Pro, we provide further detailed analysis on the designs of beams and columns, pile caps, footings, walls, and slabs. Our concrete 3D designs help in preparing top-quality and detailed fabrication drawings.
  • Slab Design Outsource Staad Pro to analyze all concrete features of slabs with the BOP team to improve the geometry, material properties, loading capacity. Get accurate slab analysis and designs with the integrated Slab Design tool in Staad Pro by loading the analysis data, geometric sections, and combination information in the RAM concepts.
  • Seismic Load AnalysisWe provide seismic load analysis with specific recommendations for buildings and various structures to construct in the seismic regions. We offer detailed analysis to evaluate if the structural designs can sustain seismic loads without collapse, avoid damage, and function continuously seamlessly after the seismic events.
  • Structural Design DocumentationWe create precise structural design documents that include the elevation, necessary plans, and changes made t the 3D model to convey the design intent to different teams. Our documents help in seamless collaboration between teams facilitating an easy construction workflow.

Benefits of Outsourcing Staad Pro Services to BOP

As one of the best companies providing Staad Pro services in India, here are some benefits you can expect when you outsource Staad Pro Services to BOP:

  • Save a lot of time while increasing efficiency and productivity by allowing us to do the 3D designs and calculation
  • Get accurate measurements and calculations of the structural sections and dimensions
  • Speed up your structural design process meeting the construction standards
  • Get precise measurements and load analysis such as live load, dead load, wind load, floor load, snow load, seismic load, etc.

Outsource Staad Pro Services Today to Exhaustive Structural Designs

BOP is one of the best companies in India with extensive capabilities on Staad Pro software. When you outsource Staad Pro services to us, we are here to assist you with your structural design, parametric modeling, analysis applications, fabrication drawing and drafting, finite element analysis, documentations, accurate measurements, and material take-off that are essential to the success of your project. Contact us today to discuss your requirements at length.