US-based Landscaping Firm Partners with Estimation and Take-Up Service Provider and Gets the Best Solution

Estimation and Take-Up summery

Client Profile – Landscape Product Manufacturing Firm in the USA

Based out at East Sussex, UK, the client offers innovative landscape edging and terrace systems and outdoor designs for their customers. They help architects, interior designers, developers, urban and contemporary landscape designers with landscape products. Being continuously at the forefront of innovation, the client explores new ways to solve landscaping scenarios. They take pride in conceptualizing the design specifications for their customers and fulfilling their design goals.

Client Requirement: Estimation and Take-Up

The client had a requirement of getting assistance with the estimation of area and quantity of roof, terrace planters, pedestal, root space, decking. They were looking to partner with a company that could help them with these services and stopped by BOP on account of our expertise and experience. Our deliverables met their criteria, and they were highly satisfied with our services.

Initial Challenges in the Project

Matching with the client’s deadline with the volume of 3-4 projects were challenging in the initial phase. However, our team's strength and experience to handle tight deadlines had combatted the challenge. The pool of resources planned the project prudently to complete it within time.

Tailor-made Approach of Back office Pro for Estimation and Take-Up

After the successful completion of the trial, we received the architectural plans though our internal file management system, a team including four members started working on the project with the following process using Excel Bluebeam and Planswift:

  • We went through the drawings and identified the locations where the quantity has to be estimated.
  • The RFI file was shared with the client for any missing data and information.
  • The length and breadth measurements were taken from the drawings.
  • We calculated the area and volume separately for each floor and similar items and summed up all the items.
  • The final excel files with all measurements were sent to the clients.


Significant Benefit on the Client’s Part

The client received a pool of expertise for dedicated resources to complete the large volume of tasks. They were able to unburden their loads and received the deliverables with the deadline which made them highly satisfied with our services and sign up for a long-term relation.