UK-based Design and Engineering Firm Gets the Best Millwork Design and Drafting for Retail Visual Merchandiser through Outsourcing

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BackOffice Pro (BOP) boasts of being one of the significant companies in the engineering communities across the world providing Millwork design and drafting for retail visual merchandising. We are trusted by architectural firms, real estate developers, and manufacturing companies with design and drafting services.


Meet the Client - Design and Engineering Firm in the UK

Established in the UK, the client is a design and engineering company. They specialize in technical product design and program management that facilitate cost savings over the traditional supply chain while working with existing suppliers chain and product. They improve in the thinking process of their clients regarding their commercial supply strategy with more integrity. Their clients realize the retail environment with a new approach to design, program management, procurement, and deployment. The innovative collaboration accompanied by the cloud data management tool helps save costs in the supply chain environment.

Objective of the Millwork Drafting and Design

As a design and engineering firm, the client wanted the Millwork design and drafting to refer to while manufacturing the display units.

Initial Challenges involved in the Project

Initially, understanding the construction methods of Millwork for display fixtures of their clients, wood fixtures, glass and acrylic, and metal fixtures, getting the knowhow of the methodologies and materials, and their utilization was challenging. Only experienced engineers can handle the task. However, we have highly experienced and skilled experts in our team. We faced the challenge and successfully overcame it.




Volume :

1300 hours

Project Cost:


Client’s Challenges with the Millwork Drafting and Design for the Retail Visual Merchandiser

The client had a massive requirement of design modeling and drafting of display fixtures. They took all the inputs from their clients and formed the design concepts. Once approved by their client, they wanted to partner with a company that could deliver them the best modeling and drafting solutions. They came across BOP and assigned the project to us based on our expertise.

Back office Pro’s Customized Solution for Retail Visual Merchandiser

Once we received the Concept model, image sketches from the client, we devised a customized solution for the client's requirement using Autodesk Inventor 2019. We worked on detail engineering and met the design intent while creating the conceptual design, modeling, and drafting.

The next step was creating the assembly-level drawings and part level drawing with the complete production package, in pdf and CAD file format, and sent to the client. Finally, when the files got approved by the client, we produced the DXA files for CNC and cut the list and BOM.

Millwork Design and Drafting Outcome

The client saved on resources as they did not have to hire and train people for the project. They outsourced the project to BOP and went exclusive benefits of expertise, experience, and price under one roof.

Millwork Design and Drafting CTA

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BOP offers precise Millwork shop drawings to support retail visual merchandizing. If you are looking to outsource Millwork drawing requirements, contact us to discuss your requirements and the process to outsource us.

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