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BackOffice Pro’s (BOP) transaction processing services are designed to support clients’ internal teams particularly during project influx. As transactions are the lifeblood of any business, BOP with a team of experts allows organizations to outsource transaction processing requirements at a resonable cost.

BOP boasts over a decade of in-depth multi-industry experience across the globe. We have provided document transaction processing services to projects spanning every sector of the market, utilizing the best technology and the most advanced protocols to deliver accurate, as well as reliable transaction processing services.

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BOP’s Transaction Processing Entry Skill Sets

BackOffice Pro has over a decade of experience in delivering industry-leading transaction processing services. Our skills include:

  • Working experience in the banking sector.
  • Working knowledge of critical details of administrative duties, including payroll, reservations, shipping, employee records, and more.
  • Knowledge in the Microsoft Suite including Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, VBA, and SQL.
  • Experience in processing transaction data including data correction, re-keying, numeric entry, payment allocations, exception resolution, item matching, and quality control.
  • Knowledge of transaction process systems (TPS) and other information processing technologies to assist in processing transactions.
  • Utilizing cutting-edge accounting techniques, complex account management abilities, analytical skills, repairs, and investigations.

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BOP’s Transaction Process Services Offered

Our team has over a decade of experience in delivering the best data processing services. We depressurize your internal teams, enabling them to refocus on their core competencies in times of project overflow. Our services include:

  • Batch Processing Wherever possible, we make use of advanced transaction batch processing techniques to boost productivity.
  • Form Processing We take on the repetitive task of processing completed forms, including soft copies and handwritten documents. Our intelligent combination of technology and human input optimizes turnaround times and accuracy.
  • Order Processing BackOffice Pro diligently processes orders along with your internal best practices guidelines. We ensure data validity and consistency of all orders and supporting paperwork.
  • Litigious Services Our team streamlines your organizational structure and handles your litigation requirements. We organize files and track key factors to ensure total legality and professionalism.
  • Claim Processing We ensure total accuracy in processing claims and related data. Information is collected electronically and double-checked by human competence to ensure total quality assurance.
  • Mailing & Fulfillment BackOffice Pro ships products on behalf of our clients and manage mailing requirements. We process mail by responding, filing, and referring based on specific categories.
  • Mortgage & Loan Processing We accurately process loan and mortgage data, including screening procedures based on predefined data points. Our highly trained and deeply experienced team members enable 100% accuracy in these critical areas.

Outsourcing Benefits from BackOffice Pro

We have over a decade of in-depth experience with processing transactions in support of your internal team at times of project overflow or overwhelm. Benefits of outsourcing to BackOffice Pro include:

  • The depth of Experience Our team is built from a selection of highly experienced industry professionals from financial backgrounds across the globe. We have a depth of understanding of global financial landscapes that is unrivaled.
  • Dedicated Project Managers We assign a dedicated project manager to each project, ensuring total control and consistent monitoring across the board, including 24/7 support.
  • Tailored Outputs We ensure our deliverables match your business’ existing standards and protocols. Smooth transitions and low transfer times are used to ensure absolute control over the quality, formatting, and layouts of deliverables.
  • Online Applications BackOffice Pro has developed cutting-edge web-based apps designed to supplement the process of data completion in transactions.
  • Core Focus Our team offers a strong supportive presence to existing teams, creating an environment that reduces pressure on existing internal teams. With additional time and resources made available as BackOffice Pro handles transaction processing, your native teams can focus on their core competencies.
  • Cost Reduction Outsourcing your project overflow to BackOffice Pro enables drastic cost savings, adherence to deadlines despite the workload, and high-quality outputs. We scale our services to match your budget.

Outsource Transaction Processing Services to BackOffice Pro

BackOffice Pro has spent over a decade crafting advanced iterative internal protocols, building a global team of industry-leading experts, and honing technological capabilities to offer the best transaction processing services. We apply these principles to every new project we initiate, resulting in a strong track record of continually meeting deadlines and delivering the best outputs. Our team provides you with the best way to boost your internal team’s capabilities at critical times of project overflow. Reach out to our team by using the contact form on our website. To get your transaction processing project up and running.