US Based Online Retailer Increased Its Order by 300% by Outsourcing Its Order Processing to Back Office Pro

The Client

The client runs a leading online e-commerce business. They have clients across the globe. The client handles all business facets such as sales and marketing, order management, finance, technical support, logistics, and customer service.

The Challenges

The client’s system dealt with essential functions like verifying online orders, tracking and placing them, along with exceptional cases of cancellations or changes to an existing order. The system also dealt with customer service related issues like reimbursements and customer queries. We had to study the existing system and then restructure it.

The Project

Given the nature of their business, the client dealt with enormous order processing demands. The client needed immediate resolution to certain issues, including:

  • Managing everyday operations, like order, invoice and transaction processing, while allocating enough time to develop new businesses.
  • A prompt and exact customer service. Their aim was a 24-house time limit for order processing, refunds and order tracking.
  • Generating capital to develop internal customer service, their administrative team and technology set-up.

The Back Office Pro Solution

Our solution was as follows:

  • We began by appointing a team of order processing specialists and training them on the client’s existing system. During this phase the client had to walk us through the training module as it was deemed necessary to learn the existing system. In the beginning stages the team dealt with inbound sales and technical support through email.
  • In due course the team developed proprietary processes for confirming and endorsing online orders.
  • The team had to then train the client’s employees on the new improved systems. With time the client began working with the new customer service and administration processes.


The Results

The client derived many benefits from our services. These were:

  • In just a year and a half, after our team started working with them, the client boosted their order volume by 300%. This was the result of the new order processing system, which was aided by sales and marketing.
  • With our team taking over the training of new customer service and administrative teams, the client was able to focus on their key functions.
  • With a successful association that spanned two continents, the client was able to develop and improve their online business.

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