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Back Office Pro’s (BOP) trusted the team of discrete professionals offers form processing services designed to convert any type of reports or forms into digital format. Irrespective of the industry type - insurance, banking, finance, research, transport, travel, organizations are outsourcing form processing requirements to BOP can avail all facets of potential form administration services. Our team has more than 12 years of experience in document processing services, with a quality rating of 99.995% accuracy.

We streamline your document processing needs and deliver form processing services tailored to match your specific situation. Our comprehensive process combined with automated and manual methods ensure efficient and error-free form data processing. We capture, interpret, and process forms into workable assets to save your business a significant amount of effort hours and keep your deadlines on track.

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Outsource Forms Processing Services to Back Office Pro

BackOffice Pro has over a decade of in-depth industry experience in delivering the highest quality data processing services, including:

  • End-to-End Digitization Our comprehensive digitization services comprise end-to-end solutions from data capture and high definition scanning, to digitization, database development, and system development.
  • Data Entry We boast best-in-class data entry and document processing services with a consistent running accuracy level of 99.95%.
  • Form Conversions BackOffice Pro accepts an array of input formats including .xml, .html, .xls, .txt,.doc, .tiff, .pdb, and many others. We have full compatibility, conversion, and document processing services capabilities, managed by our constructive iterative processes.
  • Format Conversions Handwritten documents, printed hard copies, and image files can be converted into PDF, spreadsheet, document, or any other digital format. We make use of high-resolution scanning capabilities and software enhancements to ensure total accuracy.
  • Processing Educational Forms Our team can evaluate courses, perform enrollment functions, develop student progress reports, quiz administration, educator evaluations, and any other educational body paperwork.
  • Business Operations Our document processing services include shipping waybills, logistical paperwork, order fulfillment registers, dispatch notes, tax forms, inventory control checklists, and a host of other key operational documentation.
  • Market Research BackOffice Pro enables seamless market research encompassing surveys, market research, interview transcripts, questionnaires, and various other market-related research capabilities.

BOP’s Forms Processing Entry Skill Sets

We pride ourselves on providing global industry leading document processing services that enhance productivity, relieve pressure on your existing internal teams, and save you money. Our skills include:

  • Over a decade of experience in completing forms and questionnaires for clients across the world.
  • Experience with all types of document processing including surveys, medical forms, insurance claims, tax forms, loan applications, and any other form of questionnaires.
  • Expert in form processing and data entry with a typing speed of a minimum of 70 words per minute.
  • Working knowledge of advanced scanning, ICR, OMR, and OCR equipment to render forms in a clear and manageable format.
  • Skilled to ensure total editability and cohesiveness in the document processing tasks.

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Outsourcing Benefits from BackOffice Pro

Our team operates as a cohesive unit to deliver your project outputs on time, with a high degree of accuracy. Benefits of outsourcing to BackOffice Pro include:

  • Dedicated Project Support Through your dedicated project manager, you’ll have total control and full transparent immersion in every stage of the project. Our document processing services are fully scalable, giving full control to our clients.
  • Rapid Delivery BackOffice Pro delivers project outputs on time, every time. Our scalable team structure and comprehensive internal processes ensure rapid project completion.
  • Data Integrity We adhere to strict internal processes and operate on encrypted systems with advanced protection technologies. Our team follows strict global ISO27001 regulations for data integrity and make use of VPNs or FTPs to enhance reliability.
  • Cost Reduction Outsourcing your overflow document processing services requirements to BackOffice Pro saves your business time and money, with cost reductions of up to 65%.
  • Double-Entry Accuracy Our iterative double-entry system makes intelligent use of the best aspects of human and artificial intelligence working symbiotically to identify and correct potential inaccuracies and duplicates in our document processing services
  • Large Volume Competencies Your dedicated document processing services project manager and our highly motivated team members operate on a scalable basis to accommodate any project size.

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Data Entry Services from BackOffice Pro

Our outsourcing services lift the burden of data entry when your in-house teams need them most. BackOffice Pro’s analysts are speedy, efficient, and skilled at a variety of related tasks that streamline your internal processes. Contact us via the forms on our website to find out how we can help you.