Email Data Mining Outsourcing to India

BackOffice Pro (BOP) facilitates global organizations, start-ups, corporations from all industries like telecom, banking, retail, insurance, etc., in exploring potential business with email data mining services. We support companies with valid email addresses of potential customers that are likely to open the emails and are interested in purchasing the product and services. With the online data mining process and software, we support the business with an email list to help in their marketing and sales initiatives. Outsource email data mining services to BOP in India to add potential customers’ contact details in your database.

The email data mining experts perform contact analysis, identify emails, categorize the list, detect invalid emails, email deduplication, email visualization, etc. With expertise in the latest email data mining tools, our data mining specialists are well versed and highly skilled in supporting your marketing process with potential customer contacts. Reach out to know more about our email data mining service in detail.

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Email Data Mining Experts’ Skillsets at BOP

The email data mining experts at BOP are highly skilled in offering accurate email list building to help companies drive their marketing and sales. Check out our email data mining services skills below:

  • Expert in capturing resources and data extracting email data from it and other data mining methods
  • Highly skilled in analyzing the email contacts and categorizing them in the email database
  • Proficient in populating email lists with missing information like name, emails, website
  • Proven working experience with email data mining and validation tools like Stratifyd, Pingar, DiscoveryOne, etc.
  • Experienced in email data cleansing, and de-duplication and data enrichment
  • Capable of creating fields and segments like company, country, etc., in the CRM to segregate and enhance the email data

Email Data Mining Outsourcing Solutions BOP Offers

Among the varied spectrum of data mining for business, email data mining services are an important one offered by BOP experts to support in building the client list with a simple data mining process. As a renowned email data mining company in India, we offer the below services:

  • Contact Analysis BOP’s team of data mining performs contact analysis to identify a group of contacts by the unique characteristics in the email address or the email social relations.
  • Contact Categorization We categorize the email contacts under specific groups or different categories, to help you to identify the prospects leading to a seamless marketing process easily.
  • Email Validation We validate email addresses to verify if the email addresses are valid, existing or non-existing, spam, identifying the typos, mistakes – honest or deliberate to mislead. It adds up to the email database making it enriched.
  • Email Data Cleansing BOP experts offer data cleansing, which includes de-duplication of the email address in the data record to remove any repetitions, spelling, and typo errors.
  • Email Data Enrichment As people change companies, their email ids change as well. Hence, we also provide continuous data enrichment to update the data preventing it from being inadequate or out-of-date.

Benefits of Availing Email Data Mining Solutions from BOP

We present some unique benefits with our email data mining services for business that helps them to accelerate their email list building efforts. Below listed are some of the benefits of our online data mining solutions:

  • Get an email database with the list of potential customers for your marketing and sales initiatives
  • Make email strategies based on the email categorization to drive better marketing performance
  • Reach out to your potential customers and increase your sales
  • Increase your client base with our complex data extraction process

Target your Customers with Accurate Email Database and Drive Sales

As a leading email data mining company, BOP’s data mining methods are aimed at extracting and capturing email addresses from various websites incorporating contact information, email address, etc. The email database from BOP assists businesses to boost their sales and marketing process. We help them with big data mining to overcome their challenge relating to obtaining the contact list of the potential clients to increase their reach and business. Contact us to know more about how to outsource email data mining services and discuss your requirements.

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