Outsource Data Enrichment to India

BackOffice Pro (BOP) is one of the imminent destinations in India to outsource the data enrichment process for global organizations. Serving as the back-office partner, the data enrichment experts utilize state-of-the-art tools to enhance, validate, and consolidate data. Complying to the ISO guidelines, BOP’s data enrichment team creates consistency and accuracy across all projects. We undertake Pro undergo multi-layered quality checks to ensure adherence to the clients’ specifications.

We offer flexible engagements of the full-time equivalents (FTEs) to offload your data enrichment need for an extensive data portfolio for all business areas, including CRM database and marketing database enrichment. We practice strict protocols for handling sensitive information. Outsource data enrichment to us to save time to invest in other core business areas.

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Data Enrichment Skill Set from BOP

Comprising highly trained professionals, BOP offers data enrichment services in India. Our team exhibits an unwavering approach to quality in detail, technical procedures, and customer care for every data enrichment endeavor. The FTEs are available to facilitate projects with an all-encompassing spectrum of valuable data enrichment skills and below when you outsource data enrichment process to us:

  • Skilled in extracting, enhancing and normalizing data with relevant information such as images, product attributes, manufacturer specifications, or standard units of measure.
  • Capable of replacing erroneous and obsolete data while enriching it based upon client requirements
  • Highly Skilled in MS Access, Teradata, Oracle, Hadoop, Altered, Qlikview, SSIS, SSAS, SQL, PL/ SQL queries languages, NoSQL technologies
  • Experienced in working with Excel, Visio, HDFS, and Rational Database Management System (RDBMS), and BOP’s proprietary software.
  • Experienced with BOP’s specialty data enrichment software and SQL, C++, and API languages to refine the quality of the data enrichment process.
  • Highly skilled in data curation to properly map data and improve enrichment procedure

Data Enrichment Services at BOP

As one of the renowned companies providing data enrichment services in India, BOP has a streamlined process to follow when you outsource data enrichment requirements. We offer a wide array of services with cost-effective options for all projects. We take preparatory steps to ensure mutual communication between the client and BOP’s Data Enrichment team.

  • Demographic Data Enrichment With BackOffice Pro experts, acquire demographic data such as the income level, age of the targeted customers to enrich your existing customer database. Keep your database updated with the relevant information.
  • Geographical Data Enrichment Outsource data enrichment to the BOP to update the geographical data of your customers, including postal address, zip codes, cities, towns, countries, mapping insights so that you have a clear idea of the regions your customers belong to.
  • Email Data Enrichment With the team of data enrichment experts, append the missing and null email contacts in your CRM proper, correct, and active email ids of your prospects and customers.

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Data Enrichment Outsourcing Process

BOP has constructed a streamlined process for outsourcing Data Enrichment that offers clients versatile, cost-effective options for all possible enterprises.

  • Project Evaluation and Offer Preparatory steps are taken to ensure mutual communication between the client and BOP’s Data Enrichment team, beginning with a thorough project evaluation and a comparable offer.
  • Pricing and Resource Administration Options An all-inclusive fee is determined, and our team prepares resource administration options that may include materials, human resources, technical equipment, or monetary objectives.
  • Business Contract BOP drafts a business contract that may contain Work Orders or Non-Disclosure Agreements, pending client approval.
  • Initial Training and Knowledge Transfer Initial training process occurs, with a focus on broad concepts, basic education, and guidance from BOP’s Data Enrichment team members. We work closely with clients and personnel to ensure the transferal of knowledge is detailed and absolute.
  • Comprehensive On-Site Training Procedures Location-based training is conducted on-site with a comprehensive and extensive educational technique. Upper-level BOP staff supervises all training activity, substantiating the learning process with proven instructive tools. We verify that the workforce transition is effective and professional throughout the duration.

Benefits of Outsourcing Data Enrichment to BOP

Being one of the top companies offering data enrichment services in India, businesses can count on innumerable advantages when contracting BOP to handle all data enrichment projects, including resource management, database overhauling, and personnel training. Here are some of the benefits you get:

  • Update your CRM, Marketing, and ERP Databases to easily access and manage customer-data such as purchasing history, contact information, and demographic data
  • Validate targeted data for formatting errors, including numerical inaccuracies like ZIP codes or phone numbers, locating duplicate information, and identifying missing data
  • Ensure algorithm accuracy with the change in algorithms from time to time to make better business decisions
  • Identify recurrent entries and replace those to prevent the database from being redundant and giving out incorrect results
  • Maximize the customer nurturing by segmenting contacts to open up broader avenues and more business opportunities.
  • Foster meaningful customer relationships by developing effective communication strategies meeting the customers' needs and preferences.
  • Increase sales by contacting the clean, accurate, and segmented contact list to boost sales and ROI with up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.

Outsource Data Enrichment to Keep your Business Data Updated

BackOffice Pro is a leading data management company in India supporting data enrichment, data wrangling, data cleansing, and processing needs of various global organizations for their business processes. BOP experts blend disparate datasets from multiple sources and enrich the database making it intuitive and well-functioning. The enriched datasets from BOP serve as the fundamental ingredient to the success of the business in the current data-centric world. Outsource data enrichment requirements to the BOP to meet your business goals effectively.