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BackOffice Pro (BOP) boasts of being the most trusted destination to outsource data extraction needs of global organizations. BOP’s Data Extraction specialists are trained in advanced techniques to extricate crucial information from the bulk, unstructured, or multiple data sources. As the back-office partner, we enable our clients to access useful data in organized formats. We provide full-time equivalents (FTE) options to our clients to handle complicated data extraction tasks requiring technical dexterity for a superior outcome.

Adhering to the ISO guidelines, we have streamlined operations with multilayered quality checking processes to deliver the best output within the stringent deadlines. Irrespective of project volumes, we customize the approach for every client delivering precise results. Outsource data extraction needs to off-load the strenuous yet important chores of your business.

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Data Extraction Skill Sets at BOP

As one of the best companies providing data extraction services in India, our team of professionals is ready to showcase our impressive skill set in all data extraction endeavors, including resource engagement and planning solutions designed to reflect and enhance the client’s business model. When you outsource data extraction needs to BOP, all certified personnel follow a hierarchical system built upon collaboration and progressive skills, targeted specialization, and modern techniques.

  • Efficiently performs data extraction techniques to retrieve information from various sources using both automated software and manual tools.
  • Possess strong knowledge of data extraction tools to aid in the extraction strategy.
  • Proficient in MS Access, Microsoft SQL Server DDL, Oracle, dBASE, FoxPro, IBM DB2, SAP HANA and SQL, and SAS languages
  • Expert in extracting vital information from images, documents, and databases, as well as web scraping from websites and online public databases
  • Capability to ensures data quality and consistency for further processing and storing
  • Highly experienced in SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), adding metadata and applies other data integration as needed for additional processing.
  • Proven working experience with extraction tools and database construction, and accomplished with Access, Oracle, and ERP systems.
  • Proficient in applying data cleansing algorithms to improve the fidelity of the data and utilizing data extraction and manipulation techniques, including the ability to stage and import bulk quantities of data.
  • Capable of extracting data from various sources, such as Excel, XML, Web Images, SQL, PDF, and internal/external Databases.

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Data Extraction Services at BackOffice Pro

Being one of the best companies to outsource data extraction services in India, BackOffice Pro has a plethora of data extraction services streamlined to the clients' needs. The highly skilled data extraction team at BOP consistently devises a customized approach to meet the exact business requirements. Here is the list of data extraction services we provide:

  • Email Data Extraction Get precise email data extraction from BOP along with identifying emails, categorizing the email lists, detect duplications and invalid emails. We are experienced with all data mining tools and techniques to build accurate email lists for companies.
  • Web Data Extraction Extract data from the primary and secondary web sources about the consumers, market trends, prospects, competitors, meta-data. With BOP, assemble, and encapsulate the meaningful data about your business from the Web.
  • Database Extraction Outsource data extraction needs the BOP to collect information from various databases such as Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) and NoSQL sources through the correct queries by culling out vital data through research, tracking, and mining.
  • On-Premises Data Extraction Get large-scale on-premises data extraction, migration, and management from BackOffice Pro experts. We provide data encryption and security based on the industry standards, data standardization.
  • Document & PDF Data Extraction Get detailed document data extraction with hybrid extraction approaches from BOP experts. With the latest document processing software and image processing tools, the BOP team offers precise data extraction with high precision.
  • Cloud-Based Data Extraction Get ETL (extract, transform, and load) solution from BOP for the cloud data warehouses for ad-hoc data analysis in real-time. Get precise ETL in various formats as required by your business.

Benefits of Outsourcing Data Extraction Services to BOP

BOP provides substantial benefits to clients who require personalized attention, proactive support, and accurate conclusions in all data extraction projects and resource ventures:

  • Extract meaningful data and information from unstructured and chaotic data sources.
  • Get the updated data to respond to your customers on time, avoiding delays and wrong business decisions
  • Avoid errors in manual data extraction such as duplicates, null, or incorrect information and eventually prevent spending time on re-entering the data.

Outsource Data Extraction to BOP to Mine Crucial Information for your Business

BackOffice Pro is one of the most sought-after companies to outsource data extraction requirements. The team at BackOffice Pro efficiently performs data extraction from various data sources to help organizations make informed decisions. The invaluable information gives a clear understanding of the market, consumers, marketing and sales, competitors bringing in a competitive advantage over your peers. Contact us to know how you can outsource data extraction requirements to mine, manage, and organize data relevant to your business.