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The Client - A Leading Medical Resource Provider

With almost two decades of experience, the client is a firm of medical education initiative and knowledge providers. Through tailor-made programs, meetings, and conferences, they have created unparalleled access to some of the world’s leading medical professionals thought leaders and a superior editorial specialist to realize a vision of market and industry growth.

They have built strong partnerships with numerous major pharmaceutical companies and device manufacturers to provide illumination on some of the most important and new advances in medicine today.

Requirements for the Scanning and Data Extraction Project

Contacting us via an online inquiry, the client approached our team at BackOffice Pro with a project requiring data extraction and capturing services. They needed a detailed and organized client list about the numerous medical institutions they deal with.

To accomplish this task, we were required to browse links provided by the client and extract the needed information, including names, addresses, services, etc. We assigned two resources to this task and were required to adhere to a timeline of 600 records per week.





600 records per week

Software / Application

MS Excel

Challenges Tackled by BOP’s Team on ten Data Extraction Project

Upon commencement of this project, the main challenges our team dealt with were due to the mass amounts of links we were required to sift through and the threat of data duplication, a high level of accuracy needed and the risk of flagging any competitors.

In order to deal with these challenges and avoid compromising on our output quality, we assigned our best data capturers to this task and applied comparison filters to the links before starting the extraction process. We also made sure to check all relevant information on each client’s website to eliminate any competitor violation risks. Once these steps were put into place, our work pace increased, and we were able to move forward more productively.

Our Systematic Process to Deliver Accurate Data Extraction

At BackOffice Pro, we pride ourselves on a professional quality backed by years of data capturing expertise. To meet the client’s precise needs and provide high-quality project completion, we applied a methodical process from start to finish.

Our step by step process was as follows:

  • We started the proceedings by attending a meeting with the client to ascertain exactly what was needed. The client required that we perform a 1-day trial period using one resource to ensure we can provide the level of quality needed.
  • Upon the successful completion of the trial period, the client sent us their excel sheets filled with the client information and links we needed to work through.
  • After prepping the links and already provided information, we began going through each link, browsing the corresponding websites and extracting the needed information.
  • This information was inserted into a new excel sheet in the required order, and the weekly sheet was checked by our QC before being sent to the client for a final inspection.
  • Finally, we worked on any edits or additions the client required.

Project Benefits Out of the Data Extraction Project

Due to the very nature of the medical industry, every record involved is expected to be handled with the utmost care and attention to detail and accuracy. At Back Office pro, this is something we respect and strived to adhere to while working on this project. Utilizing our years of data extraction and capturing the experience, we worked diligently to not only meet the client’s needs but also surpass them.

The client was so impressed by our work that they have since requested for more projects to be handled by us. Upon the completion of this project, we not only provided a high-quality data profile for the client but also saved them in time and costs. Moving forward, we anticipate a mutually beneficial partnership with the client.

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