Data Mining of 52,000 Schools in the USA Helped Leading Online Pop-Up Store in Texas to Develop their Marketing Prospect Database

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Client Profile: Leading Online Pop-Up Store in Texas

The client is the USA based leading online store, serving their clients with innovative services and platforms, as one-of-a-kind in the industry. They provide flexible store building, live inventory feeds, streamlined reporting, robust customer support empowered with cutting-edge technology. They serve various groups within the eCommerce space.

Client Requirement: Data Mining and Web Extraction Services

The client partnered with BackOffice Pro for research and procure specific information like website URL, contact details, activities, and clubs in each school, etc., from a list of 50,000 schools across the USA. This is a multi-phased project that requires the same assistance for several years. BOP has proven them to be their best business alliance.

Early Challenges Associated with the project

In the initial phase, the target 3200 schools per week following the guidelines. However, a team of eight experts worked strategically researching each school website and other relevant sites, filled up the spreadsheet, and overcame the challenge.

The Customized Process for the Project

To support the client in their requirement, our Operations Manager discussed the project requirement in detail with the client to have a better understanding. The team of eight experts complied with all the guidelines and performed a free trial. Once we were successful in the trial, the team continued with the project procuring 3200 schools per week with all information like website, contact information, activities, sports and clubs of each school and the coaches and advisors,


Key Benefits for the Client

The client got the best team to work on their project that helped them in saving time and cost on the resources. They were highly satisfied with our deliverables and partnered with us to work on the project for multiple years