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BackOffice Pro (BOP) is a leading data management company offering data extraction services to businesses to help them fetch out essential business data from vast, unstructured data lakes, and multiple data sources.


The Client - Innovative Business Specialists

With a strong team of 20 experienced professionals that offer unique services in undertaking research and analysis, providing insights and validated strategies as well as a rich methodology and low-cost methods; the client is a firm of longstanding business specialists that are especially experienced in creating new business opportunities, opening new businesses and reinventing existing ones.

Their services include company standing and future planning analysis, market scanning, mergers, acquisitions, investments, and alliance opportunities.

Requirements for the Data Extraction Project

The Client approached our team at BackOffice Pro with a project concerning certain data extraction needs as well as company profile creations for a number of their own clients. We were required to create an average of 100 client profiles a day using three resources.

The main aim of this task was to create a stronger marketing presence in industries that have little to no online marketing facilities.



Pennsylvania, USA

Software / Application



100 Clients’ Profiles / day

Challenges Around the Data Extraction Tackled by Our Team

When working on this task, the main challenges our team came across were due to the minimal information sources we could find as well as high demand and highly specific specifications required during the profile designs.

Due to the niche market vibe of the project, the client had a very demanding schedule and level of expectation.

To contend with these difficulties, our team created a categorizing and elimination process that assisted us in identifying any key points we needed to work with; we also kept open communication with the client at all times to ensure the project moved forward smoothly.

Process Steps for the Data Extraction Project

Due to the high requirements of this project, our team worked diligently to meet each requirement and deliver exactly what the client needed. Our step by step process was as follows

  • We started the proceedings by having a few meetings with the client to go over each detail and lay down a profitable plan moving forward.
  • The client required that we work through a 1-day trial period involving 66 client profiles to test our processes and abilities.
  • Once we successfully completed the trial period according to the requirements, we moved onto the main part of the project.
  • The client sent us brief specifications and basic information in emails.
  • We identified the product manufacturers by category and job market details, e.g., organic food providers.
  • All relevant data was then extracted concerning each manufacturer and transferred to an Excel sheet.
  • Our QC did a quality and accuracy check before each sheet was sent to the client.

What Benefits BOP Brought in This Data Extraction and Data Entry Project

At BackOffice Pro, we are very serious about delivering accurate, punctual, and professional quality in every project we take on. We are adept at molding our skills around the client’s needs. While working on this project, we paid special attention to detail and ensured to extract as much data as possible. The client was so impressed by our work that they have since requested for more projects to be handled by us. We anticipate a beneficial working partnership moving forward.

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