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As a leading provider of captioning and subtitling services, BackOffice Pro (BOP) has been a global outsourcing provider of professional subtitling and closed captioning services for more than a decade. Our services are beneficial to a wide range of customers including film studios, broadcasting networks, video producers, filmmakers, governmental organizations, schools, universities, and libraries.

Each of our native speaking subtitle transcription experts has a minimum of 4 years on-the-ground experience in creating quality subtitles for a wide range of film and audio types. Our subtitled content can be delivered in a variety of formats, depending entirely on the customer’s requirements, and we ensure that all of our work is close to 100% accurate.

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Subtitle Transcription Skillsets at BackOffice Pro

At BackOffice Pro, we’re proud to offer the following skill sets:

  • Keen listening skills with the ability to pick up even the finest details, ensuring that the final transcript copy is completely flawless.
  • First language speaking skills with the ability to proofread and edit copy diligently and accurately.
  • A typing accuracy rate of at least 98% to 99%.
  • Good typing speed which should not be less than 70 words per minute and preferably more.
  • A minimum of 4 years experience in working in the subtitling and captioning field.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of academic transcription standards, such as Jefferson notation.

Subtitle Transcription Services Offered by BackOffice Pro

At BackOffice Pro we’re proud to offer the following subtitle transcription services:

  • Subtitles for Movies To ensure that the dialogue of the movie is accurately conveyed, we only employ native speakerto create subtitles for movies. Having worked with several filmmakers over the years, our team has experience in every movie genre.
  • Subtitles for YouTube & Vimeo Our expert transcriptionists are capable of creating YouTube subtitles both in English and other languages. Our attention to detail ensures that the subtitles match the timing of your video perfectly each time. We deliver subtitles as time coded SRT files and transcripts as TXT files without time codes.
  • Subtitles for Music Videos Our subtitle transcription experts help to create subtitles that accurately convey the lyrics of your music video, making the content more accessible to anyone requiring a visual representation of the song lyrics.
  • Subtitles for Television Shows and Documentaries As a global leader in outsourcing subtitle transcription services, BOP is home to a team of experts who are highly skilled at transcribing television show and documentary show content to develop accurate and useful subtitles.
  • Internet Captioning and Subtitling Our teams are skilled at creating subtitles for internet video and audio content, making the content more accessible to people who are differently abled or hard of hearing. We work with several video formats including Flash, Windows Media, RealVideo, and QuickTime.
  • DVD Subtitling BOP’s expert subtitle transcribers make sure that any requested DVD subtitle files are compatible with all the leading authoring systems including Adobe, Sony, Toshiba, Apple, Sonic Systems, Panasonic, and Spruce.

Benefits of Availing
Our Subtitle Transcription Services

BackOffice Pro lead the way in creating cutting-edge subtitle transcription services. We pride ourselves on optimal accuracy and the ability to deliver a total understanding of recorded speech and audiovisual cues. Benefits of outsourcing to BackOffice Pro include:

  • Reach More People Subtitle gives whole new groups of consumers access to content that may have otherwise been inaccessible to them. Individuals with learning, hearing, or language barrier difficulties will be better equipped to experience your content.
  • Enables Better Optimization Captions and subtitles are incredible tools for optimizing video and audio search engine rankings. Search engines will be able to find the text in your transcript, boosting traffic to your sites.
  • Always Mobile More than 60% of all video and audio content is consumed using smart devices on the move. Headphones aren’t always an option, and you can’t always play sound out loud in every environment. Transcriptions allow viewers to read along and stay informed.
  • Related Content Once your video has been transcribed into subtitles, you’ll be able to leverage this highly accurate text content to rapidly inform multiple other content types across your network, saving you time and money.
  • Translations Subtitle translations gives whole new countries access to your content, allowing for global appeal and in-depth targeting of interested parties across the world.


Industry Leading Subtitle Transcription Services with BOP

Unlike every other subtitle transcription company out there, BOP promises to deliver budget-friendly, time-sensitive results with every project.

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