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If you are considering to outsource advertisement transcription, BackOffice Pro (BOP) can assist. An experienced back-office support provider of advertisement transcription services, we aid internal teams with the creation, collation, and analysis of data from various advertising sources. We assist with rough cuts, storyboards, editing, and analytics, for both audio and video advertising.

We help you serve ad agencies, marketing firms, broadcasting networks, and major corporations across the globe. When you hire our resources, you gain access to fast, efficient advertisement transcription back office support at the most affordable costs.

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Advertisement Translation Skillsets at BackOffice Pro

We assist you in enabling your customers to communicate in any language with ease. We hire the best transcriptionists and continually train them on the latest transcription technology available. At BOP, our professional transcribers have the following skill sets:

  • Qualified Transcribers: Qualified transcribers, in-country translators, linguists: native language speakers of Chinese, Danish, Finnish, Japanese, Arabic, Vietnamese and more.
  • Good working knowledge of English
  • Efficiency and attention to detail
  • Intermediate skills in Microsoft Office
  • Understanding the local popular culture in the target language
  • Ability to listen to audio recordings in English and type down what is said or fixing English text to match the audio
  • Annotation of other acoustic events and commenting on sound quality will also be necessary
  • Excellent knowledge of the English language, with particular emphasis on spelling, punctuation, and grammar
  • Acute attention to detail, active listening, and concentration skills
  • Typing speed minimum of 75 wpm
  • Excellent English vocabulary and grammar skills
  • Exceptional hearing and comprehension

Advertisement Translation Services Offered by BackOffice Pro

At BOP, professional transcribers ensure they hear and watch every audio and video file clearly before transcribing it. We have years of professional transcribing experience and accommodate custom requests. Our advertisement transcription services include:

  • Audio Advertisement Transcription We create ad spots for radio shows or podcasts, format and streamline your ad content to hit airwaves immediately.
  • Video Advertisement Transcription We create commercial advertising scripts, analyze competitor sales strategies, and help you tailor transcriptions to your exact specifications.

Benefits of Availing
Our Advertisement Translation Services

At BackOffice Pro, we offer speed, accuracy, quick turnaround times, and quality advertisement transcription. We believe that transcription is more than the mere conversion of audio or video files into verbatim text files.

  • Flexible Output We provide audio transcription services for both - digital and non-digital files including mp3, .wav,.wma, .gsm.
  • Multi-Language Capability We offer advertisement transcription services in more than 130 languages including all European, Scandinavian, Slavic, African, Arabian languages and more.
  • Robust Infrastructure Support system with advanced audio, video and text tools to improve productivity and lower costs.
  • RetranslateGet your audio and video files (in English) transcribed to a text file in English as well as French. Post-transcription in English, we translate the text file in English into French and conduct a quality check.
  • Cost-Effectiveness Choose from per hour/project, FTE (full-time equivalent) and customized pricing packages.
  • Target Specific Audiences We assist internal teams in transcribing in various foreign languages and a variety of accents, catering to specific audiences.


Advertisement Transcription Services that Speak to any Audience

At BOP, our transcription team delivers every project well within the specified time as per client specifications, at the most affordable rates. If you are looking for an advertisement company in India, contact BOP, tell us your requirement and get a free quote.

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