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Wearable Medical Devices Market

Current outlook & forecast to 2023

People are increasingly turning to technology to self-motivate and monitor their health. Wearable medical devices vary in type and purpose, ranging from basic step counters and activity trackers to smart clothing and potentially life-saving devices.

This report provides an extensive analysis of the overall medical device market as well as a close look at different types and applications of devices.

Its goal is to assist investors, key market players, and the producers, developers, and distributors of such devices in making informed decisions regarding the future of their business endeavors.

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This report covers a range of topics relating to wearable medical devices, including the variety of devices available, developments leading to new devices and advancements for those already available, competitive concerns, regional regulations, and much more.

A solid basis of understanding

Before diving into specifics about different types of devices or their applications, the report begins with a general market overview. Key market trends and important dynamics that affect the market as a whole are present and analyzed to provide a basis for the more specific discussions included further on.

In this overview, the role of regulations in various places is presented broadly. A more detailed breakdown of that information and other region-specific concerns is included in section 8 of the report.

The report analyzes the market’s overall competitive landscape using both a value chain analysis and Porter’s 5 Forces analysis.

Analysis & comparison by type

This report breaks down its analysis by two essential understandings of “type.” First, it looks at device types in terms of the overall goals of the devices. For example, whether they are used passively for diagnostics and monitoring or actively as therapeutic devices.

Passive devices examined in this report include such things as sleep monitors, fetal monitors, and neuromonitoring. Among active devices are pain management and rehabilitation devices.

Later on, the report looks at the market as it relates to product type. It investigates key market forces for activity monitors, smart clothing, smartwatches, bright patches, and more.

A clear understanding of real-world applications & distribution

To understand and operate within the market, one must know where, how, and by whom these devices are being used and distributed. This report studies all trends and important market factors as they relate to specific applications and distribution channels.

These devices can be used to achieve personal fitness and wellness goals. More seriously, they can be used to self-monitor or distance-monitor essential health concerns. Such applications are covered in section 5 of the report.

Section 6 looks at the distribution channels, whereby patients and health-conscious individuals access and obtain these devices. They include pharmacies, hypermarkets, and online channels.

An in-depth analysis of key players

With a high number of competitors, it’s crucial for any new companies breaking into the wearable medical devices market to know precisely where their competition stands. What do the competitors offer? How are they planning to grow? Do they have any weaknesses which create voids you can fill?

Investors also need a comprehensive understanding of the top companies in their industry of interest. Such information helps them make wise decisions and invest in companies and sub-industries with the most growth and ROI potential as possible.


To get a clear understanding of the complete international competitive and regulatory landscape, the researchers of this report studied three key regions, also including important information relating to the rest of the world.

Since the wearable medical devices market is the largest in North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific, these three regions were focused on, most specifically. Within each of these regions, the study also profiled particular countries in which the market is the largest and sees the most growth potential.

The rest of the world is covered in less detail so as not to leave out any important development opportunities in South America, the Middle East, and Africa.


The applications of this report are numerous. Its potential helpfulness for health care providers, investors, technologies experts, and tech companies are most notable.

Health care providers can use the information from this report to gain a better understanding of the types of devices available to assist their patients, what may become available in the future, regulations and other challenges preventing access to specific devices, and which companies may be useful to partner with in providing devices to their patients.

This report benefits investors in obvious ways. It provides market and competitive landscape analyses to aid in profitable investments.

Technologies experts, developers, and distributors can benefit from the report’s regional competition and regulations assessments as they work toward breaking into new local markets. The information about market dynamics and in-depth profiles of their competition can aid in recognition of threats, challenges, and opportunities.

Numerous primary sources were consulted to complete the research necessary for this report. These sources were predominantly factual and statistical.

Secondary sources were utilized to offer depth and context to the report. Most of these resources focused on opinion and analysis.

A total of 20 top medical device-producing companies were examined to provide a thorough overview and understanding of the current market size, trends, opportunities, threats, and operations.

Each company profile includes a general overview and an in-depth look at each of the following: products & services, key financials, market strategy, SWOT analysis, recent developments. Notable companies profiled in this report include Apple, Fitbit, Garmin, & Google.

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