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Blockchain Technology Market

Global industry analysis & forecast to 2023

Blockchain technology is a transparent, decentralized ledger system for businesses of all kinds. It began as the underpinning of cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin. It was the ledger system that allowed currencies to be exchanged and utilized while being securely tracked and accounted for.

It is increasingly included in more and more industries. Most recently, the agricultural sector with IBM’s development of a blockchain system for tracking food production and distribution.

This report provides a detailed outline of the current blockchain market and major players within that market. It includes raw data and important analyses of that data and the conclusions drawn from those analyses.

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This report shares, analyzes, explores, and concludes the blockchain technology market’s current and projected state. It also profiles key companies in Blockchain technology intending to provide as thorough an understanding of the industry as possible.

Key Applications, Explored

Though there are many possible blockchain technology applications, this report focuses on those that are currently the most popular: payment, exchanges, smart contracts, documentation, and digital identity.

Each of these applications can be used across multiple industries. This report focuses on specific sectors, in particular. These included travel, retail, information technology, government, and real estate, among others.

Extensive Company Profiles

Company profiles play a prominent role in this report. As blockchain technology continues to develop and its applications multiple, one of the best ways to get an understanding of its future is to see how it is currently used and which ways companies plan to use it in the future.

The report profiles top-tier technology companies with impressive recent histories using and developing blockchain technology. These include such companies as Microsoft, IBM, Digitalx Limited, and Chain Inc., among others.

Each company profile includes five main sections: business overview, business segments, financials, SWOT analysis, key strategy. The goal of these profiles is to provide helpful information to investors and competitors alike.

Market Drivers, Restraints, and Opportunities

Whether you’re investing, creating blockchain technology, distributing it, or using it, it’s essential to have a keen impression of major industry factors to know what to expect in the near and distant future.

Market drivers - those that propel the market forward to success - are explored in this report’s “Market Dynamics” section. Among important market drivers considered are the many diversified applications of blockchain technology, the impacts of blockchain technology, and cryptocurrency growth.

Restraints are also important to consider, as they are what can stall progress, choke out insufficient companies, and create small or negative returns for investors. In this report, we look at the impacts of various restraints, such as regulations and implementation costs.

Opportunities exist wherever there are strong market drivers, and even in the spaces left behind by certain restraints. This report fully explores current and upcoming opportunities in the blockchain market.


Blockchain is a comprehensive technology affecting nearly every part of the globe. Thus, large world regions were explored, including North America, South America, Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Africa, and Europe.


This report was written to benefit investors and creators of blockchain technology, though others may find the report useful.

Those hoping to invest directly in one company or endeavor will most benefit from the information in the “Company Profiles” section of the report. There, they will gain a clear understanding of each company’s current state of affairs and where they may be heading. Detailed SWOT analyses, an overview of each company’s financials, and details about their current and future strategies will help investors decide if the company they’re reviewing can provide the return on investment they desire.

Investors looking to place their bets in a more broad range - investing in the entire industry, for example - will most benefit from the sections on trend analysis and market dynamics. There, they will learn all they need to about the current state of the market, where it is heading, and what ups and downs it is likely to face along the way. This information will help them decide when will be the best time to invest in the industry for the best returns.

The same information will help creators of blockchain technology - competitors of those profiled in the report. The data will be especially helpful to small and start-up ventures hoping to go toe-to-toe with big names such as Microsoft and IBM.

Institutions and businesses that use blockchain regularly, those who want to use it soon, and those who provide access to blockchain services to other people will also find this report helpful. For example, governments and educational institutions that are increasing, relying on blockchain technology, will benefit from knowing what is available and what is coming in the future.

Though there is no primary focus on cryptocurrency, financial institutions will benefit from a better understanding of the state of this disruptive technology and how they may work with it instead of it working against them.

When researching this report, our experts took both a top-down and bottom-up approach to understand the current blockchain market. They collected data from various sources, including company income statements, related market reports, one-on-one interviews, and market statistics.

We looked at both market statistics and data for quantitative information and company strategies for qualitative anecdotal information. This approach’s goal was to give an all-encompassing view of the industry and where it is headed in the future.

Certain assumptions about the blockchain market had to be made to analyze the data appropriately. Those assumptions are thoroughly explained in the report.

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