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Farm Management System Market

Forecast to 2022

Effective farm management systems are made up of multiple technological solutions ranging from global positioning systems (GPS) and variable rate technologies (VRT) to automation software and monitoring devices.

The application of such technologies is equally vast. They can assist in yield monitoring, variable rate application, field mapping, and soil monitoring, to name a few. When all devices, software, and subsystems are used in unison, a cohesive farm management structure is in place that will reduce loss, increase yield, and automate many traditionally human-led tasks.

Full farm management systems are often as unique as the farming operations they services - each built to incorporate components specific to the type, size, and location of a particular farming venture. Besides, some farm operators are unable to create full management systems all at once, often opting to build them piece by piece. Additionally, investors and developers of these solutions often work in one specific area, with one particular technology. For these reasons, the Farm Management System Market report looks at these full structures as well as component pieces in great detail.

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This lengthy report is divided into various sections to provide overviews and in-depth assessments of the farm management systems market, different associated technology types, hardware and software components, and application type.

To offer a comprehensive view of the competitive landscape as well as upcoming advancements in the field sections 8 through 10 focus on geographical market regions and company case studies.

A Complete Market Overview

After a brief introduction and cover story, the report dives into the market overview. More than your typical “overview,” this section of the report presents data and figures relating to the evolution of technologically-based farm management systems, globally-implicated market drivers and restraints, and key opportunities within the industry.

A clear understanding of the importance of environmental protection led to the creation of a subsection devoted solely to discussing significant concerns and solutions relating to the topic.

A focus on partnership and co-operative farming are also presented in the report overview, along with an in-depth analysis of the market based on Porter’s five forces.

Precision Planning

For farmers looking to build comprehensive systems, the “System Markets by Technology” and “System Markets by Application” sections are bound to be of most interest. Each section discusses system components in detail, which will be beneficial to the planning and operating of any farm initiative, regardless of size.

For example, remote sensing & monitoring devices and variable rate fertilizers can work hand in hand to monitor levels of soil nutrients and apply deficient nutrients at the perfect time. These sections of the report discuss the technological options available to farmers and important market concerns, which may impact the options available to them and the best choices they can make within those options.

This report isn’t only for farmers, though. Developers, investors, distributors, and retailers who work with these sorts of technologies will also find this information relevant. The information about and data surrounding each of these system components will help inform smart decision-making and business planning, especially when combined with the information laid out in this report’s extensive market overview.

Hardware and Software

Though subsystems are critical in terms of their functions and applications, none would be possible without hardware and software. Selecting one company’s version of a product over another is often determined by the hardware or software which they have specially developed for that system.

A lengthy review of specific hardware and software components has been included to inform any purchasing, development, and distribution questions relating specifically to these key elements.

Software and hardware systems (such as automation systems and soil sensors) are examined concerning what is available, their popularity, significance, and other essential factors.

Examination by Application & Geography

The many hardware and software components come together to form systems and subsystems capable of specific applications such as yield monitoring, variable-rate implementation, field mapping, soil monitoring, crop scouting, and more. As conglomerates for each of these purposes/applications, these systems are analyzed for benefits, market share, and other important considerations in a specific section titled “Farm Management Systems Market by Application.”

Since markets change from one region to the next and are impacted by geological constraints, population, demand, available technologies, and political influence (among other factors), a section of this report has been formulated to address these nuances specifically.


This report takes a truly international look at the farming systems market. It looks broadly, in the Americas, Europe, APAC, and the rest of the world. The report also zeroes in on specific regions of interest to many investors, developers, and farmers, alike. For example, within the Americas, the report focuses on the U.S., Mexico, Canada, Brazil, and Argentina; in Europe, the focus is on Germany, the U.K., and France.

If you read the report’s table of contents and find that it lacks specifics about a particular region of interest, you can request a customized version of the report, which looks more in-depth at your preferred regional location(s).


This report is written with business people, investors, inventors, and farmers in mind. Whether you are figuring out which technologies to sell in your store, which companies to invest in as they grow, which areas of development contain creative opportunities, or which systems are best used in your particular farming operation - this report is designed to meet your needs.

To write this report, our researchers first investigated the needs of farmers and farming operations (large and small). They looked at the available technology, software, and hardware capable of automating large and small portions of farm-related work. They then looked, more in-depth, at the current landscape of the farming market and related submarkets in each key region outlined in this report.

Important trends, opportunities, challenges, and roadblocks were all noted then analyzed to provide a clear picture of the current farming systems market and to project both figures and hypotheses relating to the future of the market.

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