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Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Market

Global forecast to 2023

Current applications of artificial intelligence in healthcare settings are numerous. From actively diagnosing conditions to assisting in surgical procedures, AI technologies are helpful in the everyday practice of healthcare. They are also beneficial in the administrative side of the business, assisting with scheduling, electronic records keeping, and more.

This report looks at data, trends, and forecasts of the industry from four distinct angles to give you the fullest possible understanding of the current and future market. It looks at market trends and forecasts by technology, application, and geography.

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One aim of this report is to provide you with a comprehensive review of the current state of AI in the healthcare industry - to show you how it is currently being used and explorations of future applications. It also aims to help you gain a full understanding of the different drivers and challenges within the industry that may bolster one type of technology over another.

The most prominent goal of the report is to educate your decisions as an investor, teacher, health practitioner, or doctor so that you may make the best decisions possible for yourself, your students, your patients, or your practice.

This report covers a wide range of topics within the world of healthcare artificial intelligence. Before diving into data specific to different solutions, types of technology, applications of that technology, and regions, the report begins with a general market overview.

The overview accounts for drivers relating to such topics as patient engagement, precision medicine, and controlling healthcare costs. It also looks at current market restraints, industry segmentation, and how the industry is funded.

Multiple Solutions Explored

This report accounts for three essential types of artificial intelligence, which each have a unique application in the world of healthcare. It looks at hardware, software, and services.

Hardware includes robotics machines that assist in surgical procedures as well as those that run samples through specific software to detect important bacteria, viruses, and other things in blood and urine samples.

AI software in healthcare often uses specific algorithms to run analyses of data sets to help doctors and scientists identify trends in populations or the personal history of a single patient.

Services are important but often overlooked when it comes to artificial intelligence in healthcare. Scheduling systems and automated communications are simple examples or AI services in the healthcare industry.

This report looks at these examples and more to help you get a full understanding of the various ways artificial intelligence can be applied in the industry.

Trends and Forecasts by Technology

Multiple forms of AI technology are accounted for in this report, including machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, context-aware processing, and more.

An explanation and outline of each technology type, its application in healthcare, and important related data are included before more in-depth information about AI solutions in the healthcare realm.

Trends and Forecasts by Application

AI technology can be applied to healthcare in many ways. Important data has been sectioned by application type to help you get a clear understanding of the state of the market and future projections for different AI solutions in healthcare, for example, the report looks at medical imaging, robot-assisted surgery, and precision medicine.

Company Profiles

The report concludes with over twenty in-depth company profiles. While we often include company profiles in our reports, this one contains one of the most extensive coverages of current company standings we’ve ever completed.

These profiles aim to help you select which companies you’d like to partner with or invest in. Each profile starts with an overview, then moves on to a description of current products and services, and analysis of company financials, an outline of each company’s market strategy, and concludes with any important recent developments that could affect the company’s future.

When coupled with the market trends and geographical data provided in the first half of this report, this information will help fuel positive, high-yield partnerships and investments.


Healthcare needs and available technology differ from one region to the next. As a result of these and other market forces, the AI market for healthcare varies across areas, as well.

The report includes specific data collection and analysis for North America, Europe, APAC nations, Middle East & Africa, and Latin America. Particular analysis of other regions or sub-regions can be requested in a custom version of this report.


Possible applications of this report are numerous. As discussed, those investors and key healthcare decision-makers will likely see the most benefit from this report.

Investors can learn about significant trends in the industry which will help them select companies who are working with technologies likely to see growth in the future, rather than those whose technologies are fading away or non-applicable to the healthcare setting. Specific company profiles also offer up-close analysis that will make selection easier.

Decision-makers in the hospital, surgical, and government settings will benefit from knowing what is available, what is coming soon, and how these new technologies can be applied.

Another area of important application is education. Doctors and nurses in training must know the newest healthcare strategies and be trained in using those strategies on their patients. Established doctors and nurses must continually upgrade their education and training to reflect these new technologies, as well. Educators can make informed decisions about educational pathways and programs that will teach new and established doctors and nurses how to use up and coming AI technology in their practices.

Significant research was undertaken to complete this report. Our researchers carefully accounted for the market size of AI in healthcare in general and in relevant submarkets. Information from primary and secondary sources was collected, and the data were statistically analyzed for compare and contrast purposes, as well as to establish historical trends and future projections. Full lists of both primary and secondary sources have been included for your reference.

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