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Fingerprint Scanner Market

By Sensor Type, Application & Geography (2017-2022)

The comprehensive report details the recent history of the fingerprint scanner market and its forecasted growth trajectory. Data was collected, analyzed, and sorted to identify and explain trends as they relate to sensor type, application, and geography.

Whether you are a creator, distributor, or investor, the information in this report will be useful to you.

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Offering a broad look at the multi-faceted market for fingerprint scanners, the report evaluates the current competitive landscape in terms of trends, technological advances, market types, and more. This report aims to provide a comprehensive analysis of the current state of the market as well as an accurate forecast of upcoming changes, challenges, and opportunities for those creating, distributing, or investing in fingerprint scanners.

You need this report to answer questions such as:

  • Will certain sensor types be more popular than others in terms of sales and demand?
  • What influence does the application of these scanners have on their sales?
  • How does geographic location influence sales, demand, application, or preferred sensor type?

Emerging Trends

The report portrays changes in the industry over the past few years. Differences were seen in key areas of creation and production (such as sensor types and the invention of contactless fingerprint scanning) as well in demand from particular industries and geographic regions. All of those developments are investigated, and their future implications are recorded within this report.

Technological Advancements

Technology is always evolving, and outputs like fingerprint scanners change along with it. New types of fingerprint scanners have entered the market over the past few years, and might appear in the coming years.

This report accounts for multiple types of fingerprint scanners and considers various factors that may lead to the popularity of one or more classes. It also discusses the impact of geography and industry application in the decision to choose one type over another.

Multi-Market Analysis

Fingerprint scanners have many possible applications and may discover even more as time goes on. This report focuses on the most popular and fast-growing applications and breaks down the market analysis by application type.

We've sorted application markets into the following sections: Smartphones and tablets, banking and finance, healthcare, government and law enforcement, home security, commercial security, others.

The report looks most closely at capacitive and optical fingerprint scanner types but doesn't ignore other critical areas of potential development. Also included are overviews of thermal, pressure, RF, and ultrasonic sensors.

More detailed information about applications and sensors types not focused on in this report can be requested in a custom version of this report.

Analyzing & Predicting

The trends within crucial target markets (such as the smartphone and banking segments) drive decision-makers in those markets to turn toward or away from fingerprint scanning technology. In addition to looking at the overall popularity of fingerprint scanners by market segment, the report focuses on essential drivers behind the decision-making process, such as security requirements and increased consumer demand.

In regional markets, there are also significant influences that can deter the popularity of fingerprint scanners in general or particular types of fingerprint scanners. The report acknowledges those challenges and has collected them into a section titled "Market Restraints."

Spotlight on Key Companies

To help you understand the significant methodologies, a large section of this report focuses on top companies in the world of fingerprint scanners. It considers and compares the products, strategies, and records of companies like Fujitsu, 3M, Anvis Global, Synaptics, and ZKTECO Inc.


Based on current and forecasted levels of popularity, this report concentrates mostly on North America, Asia Pacific, and Europe. Although these regions are the majority, they do not constitute the entire market. The report also includes a section for the rest of the world to cover trends in other areas.

Specific analysis of any regions in the ROW can be requested in a custom report.


The data and conclusions of the report have many potential applications and can benefit both investors and those already working in the fingerprint scanner industry.

Creators and Developers - Give investors the information they need to feel confident investing in your ideas, goals, and plans.

Distributors - Identify upcoming trends and changes in your key markets. Forecast sensors the types you need to focus on and which geographical markets will bring you the most significant demand.

Investors - Make wise choices when it comes to investments. Know the trends in different segments of the industry and various parts of the world so you can invest where you will get the best return.

This report compiles, compares, and contrasts studies and in-depth market research to provide you with a comprehensive overview of the current and forecasted market for fingerprint scanners.

Data Sources

Statistics, data, and further information were needed that were not only comprehensive but also reliable to complete the report. In compiling that information, we accessed the following sources:

  • Conversations and interviews with experts and company representatives
  • Trusted periodicals
  • Academic & industry journals
  • Company reports

Analyzing & Presenting Information

Data collected in its raw form under all the topics and sub-sections studied for the report before any analysis. Once the data, statistics, and information were compiled, it was compared with the overview of the current industry trends, and the future.

As trends emerged in certain areas, more in-depth research was conducted to get a full understanding of why these trends exist and how they are likely to impact the choices of developers, investors, and buyers in the future.

The information was then brought together and written into the report in a well-thought-out structure to create an enjoyable learning experience for you. We have also visualized much of the information in tables and charts for ease of understanding. Simple comparisons of the statistics and data presented in these tables and graphs will allow for quick, informed decision making.

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