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Rehabilitation Robotics Market

Growth Rate Forecast 2018-2024

Rehabilitation robotics is revolutionary in the world of healthcare and physiotherapy. The industry includes assistive devices for everyday use, robotic assessment of patients’ physical needs, and robotic limbs, among other applications.

The rehabilitation robotics market is vast, given the many possible uses of this technology and that it crosses over multiple other markets from the resale to medical and paramedical.

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The report opens with essential definitions and an overview of how the data was collected and analyzed. It then moves on to look at various details and segments within the market as well as important factors affecting the growth of the market, its profitability, and its potential to help people.

Market Overview

After the brief introduction, the report moves on to take a detailed look at key factors impacting the overall rehab robotics market.

Major market drivers are explored in this section to help investors and decision-makers understand which segments of the market are apt to see the most growth. For investors, these drivers mean opportunities. For decision-makers, these drivers will inform shifts in their healthcare and rehabilitation strategies.

In specific, the report looks at growth factors such as aging populations in particular regions, smart home popularity, and emerging technologies.

Market restraints and regulations are also crucial for investors and decision-makers to consider since challenges associated with these will undoubtedly impact their efforts. Significant restraints covered by this report include functional limitations, high costs of robotics, and concerns about robotics taking over for human workers. Regulations affecting the U.S., Europe, & China are looked at, most specifically.

Market Details

Next, the report moves on to outline specific factors associated with robotics type, application, and extremity - each in their detailed section.

This detailed information is vital for investors and decision-makers in the industry as they navigate the many nuanced choices they could make. For example, decision-makers in the healthcare industry need to know what they have available to them as they help patients and what they may have open to them in the future.

Investors need to know where developments are being made, which new products are the most promising and which current applications deserve and require substantial financial backing to further their development and break into new regional markets.

Types & Applications

There are many types and applications of robotics on patient rehabilitation. Assistive robots help people perform difficult everyday tasks. Prosthetics give independence to people missing limbs, while exoskeleton systems provide freedom to people with neurological damage and disorders. Orthotics are helpful for individuals in need of extra physical support. Each of these types of robotic rehabilitation is explored in this report.

Applications of these robotic rehab approaches are also explored. Certain types of robotics and assistance can be helpful in one therapeutic setting, while others are more appropriately used in different contexts. Applications explored in this report include stroke and neuro rehabilitation, orthopedics, sports, cognitive, and motor skills disabilities.

A review of applications for specific extremities (upper, lower, and full) is also included.


Regional differences in the robotics market are vast. As with any technology-driven market, these differences are governed by economic factors, level of technological development, regulations, trade, and sometimes politics. Besides, the healthcare implications of these devices and interventions mean that regions with inadequate healthcare systems may have smaller markets.

Due to these and other potential differences, this report looks at major world regions individually and through comparison. The explored areas include North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, Latin America.


The possible applications of this report are numerous, but there are three groups of people for whom this report will be most useful.

The first is developers and resellers/wholesalers of rehabilitation robotics. This includes inventors, manufacturers, and everyone else along the supply chain. The information provided in this report will help these interested parties predict changes in the market to ensure that they are creating and distributing the products and services people need in places where demand is high. It will also help them understand any legal or regulatory limitations and challenges they may face.

The second group of people this report will help is healthcare providers. It is only with a clear understanding of the tools they have available that doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, and other primary and secondary care personnel can create appropriate healthcare strategies. Knowing which tools are coming soon will also help them prepare by learning how to use those tools in advance. Also, under the umbrella of healthcare are administrators who have the power and responsibility of purchasing such devices.

Investors make up the third group. The implications of this report for investors are numerous. Information about up and coming technology, challenges, opportunities, demand, and more are crucial elements in the decision-making process of intelligent investors.

To complete this report, the research team began by collecting raw research data on various market variables, including demand, market size, costs, prices, and much more. The team then analyzed the data to look for patterns and trends. This information helps make up the market drivers, market restraints, and cost-benefit analysis parts of the report.

Data and its analysis were not enough to satisfy the research team’s mission to create a thorough understanding of the rehabilitation robotics market and its future. To create that full picture, they had to look at other important factors such as governmental regulations, health and wellbeing in different regions, and the effects of mergers and acquisitions on the market.

All of this information put together from raw data, qualified academic and non-academic sources, helped the team discover trends and identify both challenges and opportunities in the rehabilitation robotics market to 2024.

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