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Single-Person Household Health Safety Service Market

Global Trends, Analysis, & Forecast

Technology has developed in a way that has taken health and safety to the next level. From smart homes to smart healthcare, health, and safety service technologies create a fast-growing market with numerous applications. This report focuses on the application of these services (and their associated products) to the single-person household.

It answers the following questions (and more):

  • What applications are there for health and safety service technologies that service single-person households?
  • How do those services and technologies vary by region?
  • What challenges stand in the way of future development or the release of current technological solutions?
  • What role does big data play in this situation, and what regulations exist around it, which might impact the use of smart health and safety technologies?
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There are particular health and safety risks for single-person households that deserve prompt attention.

Luckily, specific technological solutions have been developed which, when applied appropriately, reduce many of those unique risks.

As baby boomers age and more people opt to live along the number and percentage of single-person households is expected to grow, making these technologies more important than ever.

This report considers two significant classes of technological health and safety products and services: Smart Homes and Smart Healthcare. Within those major classes, this report also examines particular circumstances and considerations for devices and services separately. It makes a note of the important role big data plays in the health and safety service industry.

Smart Homes

To get an overarching view of market drivers and challenges in the realm of smart homes, the report considers policies and initiatives impacting the development of smart homes and their components. The impact of IoT and economic impacts are also considered.

Smart Healthcare

Although some of the same restrictions and drivers outlined above apply to smart healthcare as well as smart homes, there are concerns specific to the smart healthcare market, which are also reviewed in this report, as a result.

An in-depth look at medical devices for the mass market and the unique regulatory framework for such medical devices and technologies are also included.

Big Data

Big data - and the ability to collect, store, and analyze that data - is of utmost importance to the health and safety devices and services markets.

For example, unique algorithms capable of processing and analyzing individual and universal data sets are needed to carry out certain operations. Also, the collection of personal data is often required to track an individual’s health trends and promptly alert them about anomalies.

Regulations regarding the collection of personal information in particular regions are bound to affect a company’s ability to provide particular services to individuals in that region.


Health and safety technologies for single-person households cannot only be broken down into “health” (smart healthcare) and “safety” (smart homes). They can also be divided into devices and services. Devices may be backed by monitoring services or not.

This report looks at devices, including those with already-established popularity, as well as emerging items that appear to hold promise for future application and burgeoning demand.

Precise, well-researched current market analyses and forecasted trends are included for all devices covered in this report.

Examples of devices include smart barcode, smart speakers, and self-learning stove alarms.


As described above, health and safety concerns for single-person households also include services. Such services help individuals connect to outside resources in times of need.

Unique factors relating mainly to the health and safety services market are explored in designated sections of this report.


Due to considerable differences across global regions, each of the factors described above is explored and analyzed by region with region-specific concerns acknowledged and taken into account.

For instance, regions vary in the availability and popularity of particular technologies. They also see vast differences in regulations surrounding those technologies as related to devices, services, and the use of personal data.

This report accounts for four key regions, each selected based on its role in the health and safety technologies section, the size and growth rate of its health and safety market, and governing regulations. Comparisons, contrasts, analyses, and forecasts are included for each region.

Regions examined in this report include South Korea, the USA, Europe, Japan.

If you are interested in specific analyses and predictions for one or more regions not covered by this report, you can contact us to purchase a customized version of this report.


This report is most useful for those currently developing smart health and safety technologies, those who want to break into the market, and investors who want to make wise decisions.

Developers, manufacturers, and distributors will benefit from knowledge about the forecasted growth, challenges, and opportunities of this industry, especially as it relates to key regions throughout the world.

Investors will find that this report identifies prominent companies in every region as well as leading products. This information will help them decide which investments are worth their time and money. Of course, if you prefer a more detailed review of any company in particular or more companies in general, we are happy to create a customized report for those who would like to read extended information about companies actively creating health and safety technologies. Such a report would include company standards, challenges, histories, and forecasts.

To get started, information was collected in data sets for all important topics and subtopics. The data was then analyzed to get a full understanding of the current trends in the industry as well as the forecasted changes.

To get a firm understanding of the different trends in different areas, we separated the data to look specifically at each region. For example, the report looks, separately, at leading companies and products for each region. It also seems, separately, at regulations, trending products, and the single household market in each of these regions.

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