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Industrial Robotics Market

Global Forecast to 2023

The Industrial Robotics Market report provides an in-depth analysis of the current state of the robotics industry, its applications in multiple sectors, and forecasted trends to the year 2023. It focuses on significant areas of robotics and technological development, identifies opportunities for its growth in the field as well as challenges to the growth.

The report provides helpful information for business leaders in the robotics industry, decision-makers interested in the applicability of robotic technologies in their companies, and those looking to invest in robotics development.

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The market research report offers an in-depth analysis of the robotics industry, especially in its application to key market players, including the automotive, chemical, food and beverage, heavy engineering, metal and mining, semiconductor, and electronics industries. It also looks at the emerging possibilities for applications in other sectors.

The report accounts for current market trends, opportunities, and challenges while keeping a keen focus on the application of the research for companies in the industries and sectors described above.

History & Evolution of Robotics

An outline of the past and evolution of industrial robotics shows the progress made to this point while uncovering critical drivers of and challenges to that progress.

The report summarizes the current industry structure, analyzes the value added to various industries and companies by robotics initiatives and applications, the current market share, and recent developments in the robotics industry.

Current & Forecasted Market Trends

A clear picture of the current market and industry trends is needed before a company can understand the future implications of technological advances, opportunities, and challenges. To provide that basis of understanding, BackOffice Pro chose to begin this report with a comprehensive market overview.

In-Depth Analysis

Forecasted market dynamics are also explored in the report. Most notably, the report analyzes the key drivers in the advancement of robotics, growth opportunities, and application in industrial and non-industrial sectors, and both current and forecasted challenges uniquely faced by those looking to advance or apply or invest in robotics technology.

The report has a significant focus placed on Articulated robots, Cartesian robots, SCARA robots, and Cylindrical robots.

Company Profiles

The strategies of major players in the robotics industry also highlighted through company profiles included in this report, including ABB, Adept Technologies, Comau S.P.A., Epson Robots, Fanuc Corporation, Kawasaki Robotics, Kuka AG, Nachi-Fujikoshi Corp., Stäubli International AG, and Yaskawa Electric Corporation.

The knowledge can also help those working in the creation, innovation, and sales of these technologies. The experience can lead to development plans and marketing strategies as it covers critical obstacles and areas of growth.


The regional assessments of current and forecasted robotics trends are broken into four main areas: the Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific, ROW.

An in-depth analysis of America's, Europe, and the Asia Pacific is a significant focus of the report as they are determined to be the most relevant and leading-edge creators and proponents in the industry. A general overview of robotics in ROW included providing a global view of the state of robotics and the forecasted changes and advancements in the field.


As the scope, breadth, and possibilities of robotics grow, so too does the array of real-world business applications.

Understanding the potential uses, benefits, and challenges of robotics technology in the current and future business world informs decisions regarding investment in the robotics sector.

A comprehensive review of relevant data conducted as the basis of creating this report. The sum of industry data was first collected, then analyzed. The analysis compared with the findings of different studies and investigative bodies. It also integrated the theories, concepts, and plans of key players in the robotics industry.


Information was collected from several relevant, reliable, and trusted sources, including:

  • Industry experts
  • Periodicals
  • Academic & industry journals
  • Government statistics & data

Types of Information

The information collected made up of different types, including:

  • Studies
  • Statistical reports
  • Financial reviews
  • Articles
  • Press releases
  • Historical data

Analyzing Information

After the data was collected, the analysis was done. All quantitative data compared, contrasted, and brought together as necessary to develop a broader picture of the scope of the robotics market in a meta-analysis.

This report focused on key drivers, challenges, and opportunities in the current and future robotics market. It did this within the broader scope of the current market size, growth patterns, upcoming changes to technology, and other vital components such as trade, as well as the ever-changing competitive landscape of the industry.

Synthesizing Information

Conclusions were drawn, often by evaluating the data against the qualitative opinions, forecasts, theories, and thoughts of industry leaders and experts.

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