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Global Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Market in 6 Countries

(US, UK, China, Japan, Vietnam, & Thailand)

The augmented and virtual reality markets are set to grow exponentially in the next few years, especially after the considerable impact of COVID19 work-from-home measures. This report explores that growth as well as other important growth factors, growth inhibitors, challenges, and opportunities in 6 key countries.

The report takes considerable care to look at each country individually and in the global AR and VR markets. It also profiles over 40 leading AR and VR companies with in-depth studies of their current operations and projected changes in the near future.

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Augmented and virtual reality market trends are assessed globally and by the regional market with a particular focus on the top six AR and VR regional markets: South Korea, USA, China, Japan, England, Vietnam/Thailand. Globally and within each of these countries, key organizations and institutions were assessed to provide further context and data. Specific new devices, equipment, and contents were also assessed.

Two technologies; One report

Though the technologies and their applications are quite similar to each other, augmented reality and virtual reality are investigated separately throughout most of this report. Besides, mixed reality has been assessed independently, where appropriate, for technologies made up of both augmented and virtual reality.

The report begins by exploring the global market size of each technology and their combined market. Next, it looks at the sizes of regional markets for each technology type.

In-depth organization profiles

To get an overarching view of market drivers and challenges in the realm of smart homes, the report considers policies and initiatives impacting the development of smart homes and their components. The impact of IoT and economic impacts are also considered.

Smart Healthcare

This report focuses on current and future trends by profiling and analyzing the operations of primary and up and coming content organizations. A total of 43 organizations and institutions are assessed in the report. The majority of these are notable universities such as Harvard, Oxford, Tsinghua, and the University of Tokyo.

Close attention was given to what was determined to be the top five global new content organizations and institutions. Whereas the other 38 organizations were merely profiled in the report (in a fashion similar to case studying), these top-ranked organizations were examined at length. The report provides an overview, a review of significant activities over the past two years, and an outline of plans for each of the top organizations.

These organizations include UCSIM - Center for Simulations and Virtual Environments, Stanford University, Iowa State University, Nearpod, Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence, and the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence.

Devices, equipment, and contents

While the size, influence, and operation of top organizations and institutions is an integral part of an overall understanding of the market, one must not forget the devices, equipment, and content itself.

In a specific section dedicated to devices and equipment, the report introduces new AR, VR, and mixed reality (MR) devices. Prominent sales figures for these new devices are broken down by region and technology type (AR, VR, MR). Global statistics are also provided.

A section specifically for new content provides market stats for each content type. This information is further broken down by region so that one can get a clear view of the submarkets for all new content for each type of technology in each region.

Notable new contents explored include Google Earth VR, Virtual Desktop Platform, Google Cardboard, Relax VR, Holobuilder, HP Reveal, Ingress, AR Assist, Amaze 3D Videos, Tubecast VR, and Arizona Sunshine.


Whereas many market research reports take a broad international approach, this report takes a detailed look at six countries in particular. Specifically, this report assesses the augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality markets in South Korea, USA, China, Japan, English, and Vietnam/Thailand. AR, VR, and MR are growing in popularity worldwide, but are seeing the most growth and success in these countries.

It was impossible to represent regions equally in this report because some had more key players operating in the industry than others. However, great care was taken to represent as many important organizations and institutions as possible from each region.


The report is designed to answer important questions about the industry as a whole as well as questions about particular investment opportunities or competitors.

A clear understanding of the current market and its projected growth (including information about in which key areas that growth is expected to be largest) will be of particular interest to investors who want to see the best return on their investments. Worldwide and regional trends, along with the specific challenges and opportunities of specific companies, will aid in wise investing decisions.

Developers looking to create new, cutting-edge technology for the AR and VR markets will benefit from the information about their competitors and what developments those competitors are working on and planning to unveil soon. They will also benefit from knowing which regions are currently seeing the most and least growth, where they may find barriers to distributing their contents or products, and where they are likely to find the best reception of those same contents and products.

An in-depth analysis of the current and past AR and VR markets was conducted with thorough research from industry journals, previous studies, case analyses, and more. Regional concerns such as laws and regulations were accounted for in the description of the current and projected market situation as well as in the analyses used to create projected growth numbers.

Case studies of over 40 companies were used to create a clear picture of the current market. Within these case studies, the research team reviewed changes, growth, new additions, and company structure over the past two years, as well as company policies and any upcoming plans they were able to uncover in their research,

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