Outsource Market Landscape Assessment

BackOffice Pro’s methods of researching the pharmaceutical market make use of the most current utilities for determining a company’s real-time market position and product penetration. This makes us the ideal outsourcing partner for pharmaceutical research companies who require assistance during times in which their workload is unusually high. By our advanced understanding of Health Technology Assessment / Prices and Reimbursement (HTA/P&R) trends as well as the requirements governing required methodologies, we can keep up with high volumes of work, unburdening pharmaceutical research companies of the need to invest in the costly process of expanding their in-house teams.

BOP collaborates with research companies in the pharmaceutical industry on different levels, including the identification of stakeholders, keeping a finger on the pulse of the reimbursement landscape, and working to develop a better approach to accessing the market more effectively. A comprehensive approach to assessing the pharmaceutical target market landscape will allow our pharmaceutical research clients to establish and communicate strong customer value propositions.

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BOP’s Market Landscape Skillsets

Market landscaping is a core capability for BOP, with a team boasting diverse skillsets:

  • Our primary team of market research comprises skilled analysts from statistical, mathematical, and marketing backgrounds.
  • Specialists with academics from top-tier universities with experience in drug development related fields including statistical, marketing, and mathematical thought leaders.
  • Experts with extensive knowledge of pharmacovigilance, safety testing, healthcare, medical technology, genetic fluctuations, and global development.
  • A diversified team with the ability to create tailored market landscaping tools and procedures. Capable of delivering both qualitative and quantitative methods of building overviews of the current landscape, segmenting the market, recognizing opportunities, identifying potential investors, key driver analysis (KDA), Unmet Needs Analysis (UNA), and any foreseeable hurdles preventing market entry.
  • Experienced in the research, sourcing, and amalgamation of data, both from inside and outside of company resources.
  • Extensive experience in each stage of the process of drug development gained from years of in-depth research.
  • Considerable experience in analyzing marketing delivery processes. We consider every aspect of the marketing landscape, including market position, pricing, and the promotional mix.
  • Experienced in providing support for intelligent data in the scientific improvement industry includes analyzing data and evaluating the safety information relating to specific drugs.
  • Have exposure to functioning research protocols with key agencies and trusted industry sources such as databases for Adverse Events (AE) including Vigibase and FDA (AERS).
  • Market Overview Service Identifying relevant key players in the sector and classifying them according to various pertinent characteristics.
  • Market Sizing and Segmentation Defining target customers and dividing the target market into smaller, clearly defined subsets of consumers with mutual sets of needs, priorities, or interests.
  • Customer Unmet Needs Analysis (UNA) Discover potential needs based on functional benefits, emotional desires, attitudes, and demographics. Develop an understanding of market entry barriers related to cost disadvantages, distribution channels, product differentiation, or government policy.

Market Landscape Assessment Services We Offer

  • Key Driver Analysis (KDA) Taking a closer look at the relationships between potential drivers and consumer behavior related to product satisfaction.
  • Ideal Stakeholders Analysis Identifying growth opportunities and a data-driven approach to understanding how receptive potential consumers and stakeholders are to the product profile.

Benefits of BOP Market Landscape Assessment Services

  • Key decision makers and influencers are granted access to current intelligence from the industry with reports focusing on relevant drug developments. These insights can be used to craft mature, sustainable strategies for future growth and market positioning.
  • BOP’s unique offering gives you access to key assets including procedures and tools for research and analysis, as well as specialists from applicable industry fields of specialization.
  • Outsourcing your specialized research tasks to BOP will show results from the first month, compared to creating an in-house team, which requires months of setup time.
  • The quality of BOP’s market landscape assessment data is further improved by subject matter experts who analyze, augment, and correct the information before delivery.
  • Creating tailored packages to match client’s specific requirements allows BOP to drastically reduce the cost of these services. Our adaptable internal processes allow efficient scheduling and the benefit of involving major industry experts.
  • Once the framework for the intelligence process is established, providing regular insight updates is extremely cost-effective.
  • Direct access to the main databases used by the drug development industry, enables us to quickly initiate and complete projects.


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