US Based Market Research Company Profiled 82 Companies in Record Turnaround without Increasing Their Workforce

The Client

The client is one of the foremost market research companies, based in the US. As they needed to compile information on the airbag industry, particularly the companies, they approached Back Office Pro to avoid the time spent in the extra training. The client wanted a team that would work professionally with the minimal inspection involved.

Although all the relevant information on the airbag industry can be found on the World Wide Web, it appears in clusters, often along with surplus data that was not required for this particular purpose. The client recognized the many benefits of outsourcing this service to a professional team. It would guarantee a methodical and systematic approach, the mining of all relevant information and eventually, a thorough report on the companies.

The Challenges

The challenge before Back Office Pro was the immense task of preparing the profiles of the numerous companies in the airbag industry. Initial search had yielded 82 companies in all. BOP had to prepare the profile by taking into account technical studies conducted in the past. These are usually done by government agencies, trade associations, chambers of commerce and others.

After removing the unwanted information, all the data had to be arranged in carefully defined segments. Given the massive data, the challenge lay in recognizing and then putting in order the several data combinations that could be segmented into easily understood information.

The Back Office Pro Solution

The profiling of a company was conducted according to several parameters. Among the factors were:

  • The company’s history
  • The structure of its organization
  • Executive profiles
  • How advanced was its R&D
  • New technology explored
  • Products offered that included both current and advanced products
  • Events in the immediate and long-term future
  • Strategic positions that included both legal and overall stance
  • Internal tracking
  • SWOT analysis


The Results

Back Office Pro used the jumbled, surplus information from the internet to give it a more streamlined, focused form that was free from jargon and easily understood. The compilation of data was designed so as to facilitate the extraction of specific information. This professional profiling was well-researched and well-planned.

Using minimal turnaround time, BOP produced high-quality output. A client-focused approach was maintained throughout through weekly client meetings. It was done to ensure client satisfaction.

The comprehensive research provided a useful insight into the industry, and included prevalent trends, powerful competitors, market share and specifics to take into account when launching new products. It addressed issues regarding specific market segments, customer preferences and geographical areas. This in turn would help our client’s customers to expand their business. Armed with information on their competitors, they could now foray into new markets with much improved likelihood of success.