Emerging American Startup Benefitted from the Extensive Market Research Reports to Create the Product Pricing Model

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Our Client – US-based Technology Firm

BackOffice Pro (BOP) was approached by a tech start-up company primarily involved in the manufacturing of technology products. After locating our website and inquiring about our services online, the client determined that our team was best suited to their needs.

Comprehensive Market Research Requirement

The client had an immediate need for thorough and accurate market research data to determine a reasonable retail pricing model for cellular telephone handsets in Pakistan and East India market.

BackOffice Pro was the ideal outsourcing partner for the client with a dedicated team of market research specialists, and the required tools. We unearthed the necessary data in the concerned geography.





72 hours

BOP’s Challenges in the Market Research Project

Facing a tight deadline of their own, the client requested that our research team submit the report within three days. These time constraints presented somewhat of a challenge regarding unearthing enough detail to compile detailed reports. Our team was able to complete tackle the project in record time, ensuring complete client satisfaction as a result of their round-the-clock efforts.

Process Outline for This Market Research Project

Intent on completing the task within the allotted timeframe, BackOffice Pro developed a step-wise process that would keep the research team on track, ensuring that we would deliver the reports within 72 hours.

  • Examining the client’s requirements: After establishing initial contact and a brief overview of the client’s needs, our team held meetings to develop a deeper understanding of the project parameters.
  • Setting up dedicated resources: To complete the project on time, two dedicated market research teams were assigned to the task.
  • Outlining the research process: To ensure smooth delivery, our team planned the research design based on the client’s precise objectives and the required outcomes.
  • Data sampling and collection: Once the research protocols were put in place, our team was able to efficiently complete their sampling and data collection procedures. Highly experienced with this work, they were able to collect data from various reliable market research databases.
  • Analysis of data: In the penultimate step of our process, data analysts explored the results to ensure that only the most relevant data to be further analyzed.
  • Compiling the report: Once the team filtered out any unwanted results, they compiled a fully comprehensive visualization report in the form of a PowerPoint presentation.

Accurate Market Insights at Affordable Price

The client gained valuable insight into the Smartphone market in Pakistan and India. Our final report is designed to help them develop a lucrative pricing model for their new range of handsets. Our quick turnaround time ensured that they were able to adhere to their tight deadline, passing on the required information to their clients in the telecommunications industry.

Due to our affordable rates, accurate results, and thorough research approach, the client was highly satisfied with our services. They will be working on more market research projects with us in the future.

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