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BackOffice Pro (BOP) is the chosen destination to outsource the wedding photo editing services for wedding photographers worldwide. With flexible full-time equivalent (FTE) engagement models, we offer our clients ample opportunity to offshore their image editing loads. As a wedding photographer you may have to turn down projects to catch up with your backlogs of image editing tasks. BOP is here at the rescue to take up the loads so that photographers can focus on more photoshoot projects.

Adhering to the ISO standards, the BOP image editing process undergoes dual rounds of quality checks to ensure adherence to your requirements and deliver high-resolution wedding images. Outsource wedding photo editing services to BackOffice Pro and make your clients’ wedding images timeless.

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Wedding Photo Editing Skill Sets at Back Office Pro

As a renowned company providing wedding photo editing services in India, BackOffice Pro has a team with rich experience preserving moments of life with accurate wedding image editing output. Here are our skills mentioned below:

  • Expert in working with Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator
  • Adept in color correction, adjusting the color temperature to rectify the uneven color tones
  • Proficient in mixing the accurate ratio of brightness, contrast, exposure to brighten the images
  • Dexterous in correcting the red eyes, burnt and dark images occurring due to low or lack of light
  • Highly competent in dropping backgrounds and adding objects to make the images appealing
  • Exceptional skills in makeup correction, removing scars, spots, and blemishes with cosmetic and high-end retouching
  • Proficient in darkening and lightening the images and the backgrounds based on the needs
  • Concise understanding of adjusting tone curve, white balance, contrast, reflections, color tones, and temperature
  • Skillful in noise reduction, blur correction and remove grains to make the wedding images flawless

Wedding Photo Editing Services We Offer

BackOffice Pro is your ideal partner to outsource wedding photo editing tasks. We offer every possible service you might need to add “wow” elements to your wedding photographs:

  • Color Correction Wedding photographers outsource wedding photo editing to the BOP to get image manipulation, retouching, and color correction on the bunch of raw images. Color correction is either normal or based on the custom requirements.
  • Sky Replacement With BackOffice Pro experts, replace the sky and remove backgrounds of the wedding images to make them vibrant and fuller while giving them a long-lasting and memorable impression.
  • Skin Retouching Remove all imperfections, blemishes, scars and spots, redness, and enhance the eye, along with makeup correction, skin smoothening, hair correction, naturalize the skin tones with BOP’s wedding image editors.
  • Object / Background Removal BOP image editors also clone out the unwanted objects in the wedding photographs that can mar the “wow” effect and replace making it look even natural.
  • Digital Album Design BackOffice Pro image editors organize images from the bunch of wedding photos and create beautiful layouts with digital wedding albums when you outsource wedding photo editing tasks to us.
  • RAW Image Conversion We also provide batch-convert of the RAW image files into any format you need, from JPEGs and TIFFS to other formats to help the wedding couples to view the photographs on any device.
  • White Balance Make the required white balance and light adjustments with BOP experts to transform the wedding images to a rhapsody with vibrant colors. Get the correct mixture of light, highlights, shadows, and mid-tones.

Benefits of Outsourcing Wedding Photo Editing to BackOffice Pro

If you could shoot one more wedding a year when you outsource wedding photo editing tasks, the decision practically pays for itself. As a significant provider of wedding photo editing services in India, BOP takes the tedium of photo selection, enhancement, and editing and leaves you free to take up shoots as many as you want. And we offer the following benefits:

  • Add luster, glamor, and radiance to the bride and the groom’s face hiding away the lines of stress they go through on the wedding day
  • Remove scars, spots and blemishes from the wedding photographs to make transform those into memorable ones.
  • Clone out the unwanted objects from the images and add items to make the image more creative.
  • Get several revisions to bring out the desired changes as per your requirements
  • Fix the burns and dark images occurring due to lighting inconsistency in wedding ceremonies with color adjustments
  • Change the existing background of the images to bestow the best look preserving the moment for the lifetime


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Hire your Back-office Partner for Outsourcing the Loads of Wedding Image Editing Task

Are you looking to share your burden of wedding photo editing with an expert team of image editors? BackOffice Pro is here to take up your influx image editing requirements, leaving ample time for you to sign up with back-to-back wedding photoshoots and scale up your business. While you keep on shooting for wedding ceremonies, we get your images and album ready within a faster turnaround time so that you can share the final wedding album with the awaiting couples soon. Outsource wedding photo editing process with us to get custom support with outsourcing benefits.