Italian Wedding Planner Gets Cinematic
Wedding Video and Photo Editing

The Client- An Italy-Based Wedding Planner

Our client is a professional wedding planner and a company helping clients capturing the wedding moments through videos and photographs. Established in Italy, the company has a diverse service portfolio and has served thousands of customers worldwide. The client believes in making the special moments of their customers special for life through artistically captured photographs and videos and giving those a unique touch. The client approached BackOffice Pro (BOP) for assistance with editing wedding photos and videos.

Requirements for the Wedding Video Editing and Image Editing Project

As an ongoing project consisting of editing photos and videos for 70 weddings, the client required edited photographs in a catalog file, as well as edited video in MP4 and Premiere Pro project files.

Challenges Faced by the BackOffice Pro Team

The project started on rocky footing as communication proved to be a problem in the beginning. A checklist was created to keep the team on track, and the editors were trained with references provided by the client helping immensely.

Another challenge faced was shaky video footage, as some of the footage provided was captured by drones.

Process Followed by BOP’s Wedding Media Editing Team

To tackle this project to the best of our ability, we assigned one dedicated resource who followed a detailed, stepwise process:

  • We received the Lightroom catalog file via Dropbox.
  • Of the 1500-3000 photos, we selected 300 images and allowed for 24 hours of work per wedding.
  • The selected photos were edited and sent to the client in the required catalog file.
  • We also needed to edit 1 hour’s worth of wedding footage for each wedding.
  • We completed a 30-minute trial, working on mp4 and Premiere Pro project files.
  • The editing of the videos took our resource 10 hours.
  • The titling, in Italian, was provided by the client.
  • As this is an ongoing project, we are still working through the order but have since then delivered four images and three videos.


Wedding Videos and Photographs with Special Effects Delivered

Despite some initial challenges faced in the beginning, the team at BackOffice Pro pulled together and tackled this project with customary zeal, and the client was extremely pleased with the outcome. We fully expect to work on similar projects with the client in the future.