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BackOffice Pro (BOP), is a leading outsourcing partner for wedding photographers, real estate photographers, graphic designers, portrait studios, fashion photos, magazine and brochure images, providing unparalleled lightroom services. Our editors are highly proficient in delivering efficient and flawless photo editing tasks using lightroom. BOP experts assist in both small and large editing projects. Outsourcing lightroom services to BOP in India will help you focus on your core business while we work on your editing loads.

Whether it’s a batch processing, background removal, image enhancement, color change, noise reduction, and more, editors at BOP have exceptional skills to deliver all requirements with the best quality within the stipulated turnaround time. Offload your image editing burden to us and grow your business.

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Lightroom Editing Services Skillsets at BOP

BOP image editors are highly experienced and skilled in providing lightroom editing services with the following skillsets:

  • Expert in Adobe Creative Suite - Photoshop, Lightroom, Capture One, and aware of different camera angles.
  • Proficient in photo-clipping, retouching, which includes masking/pathing, background clean-up.
  • Expert in cropping, color correcting, curves/levels adjustments, vector masking, and alpha channel masking.
  • Practiced in photo manipulation, precise mask-cutting, compositing, and complex layering.
  • Possess a detailed-oriented eye in terms of color, perspective, design, lighting, and form.
  • A deeper understanding of the elements of photography and camera effects.

Best Lightroom Editing Services at BOP

BOP, as a leading image editing company in India, offers various services to our clients catering to large volumes. Here are the services:

  • Batch Processing

    BackOffice Pro experts are adept in lightroom batch processing in which we apply the same settings of lighting and exposure on batches of images helping in a quick and efficient editing session.

  • Image Enhancement

    BOP image editors provide image enhancement, including color modification, perspective correction, retouching, and restoration for various industries like real estate, design, and publication, media, wedding, and more.

  • Color Change

    We provide color change service to make alterations to the colors or recolor the clothes, accessories, surroundings, etc. in the images to modernize the look and enhance it.

  • Noise Reduction

    BOP team of image editors eliminate unwanted noise from images like too much information, blurs, and grains, digital artifacts in the photos that are taken from DSLR camera with high ISO and deliver crisp and clear images.

  • Sky Change and Replacement

    We enhance the image by changing a bad weather day to a bright sunny look or replacing a day image to dusk and night one efficiently using lightroom, bestowing a different and fresh appeal in the pictures.

  • Skin Retouching

    We offer skin retouching images and remove the imperfections and flaws in the skin and improve the skin tone, blemishes, under-eye, dark spots, etc., while enhancing the images restoring the appeal.

  • Split Toning

    BOP image editors offer split toning services wherein we edit colors in the images to add the perspective effects to the pictures and bestow a different and improved look.

Significant Benefits of Lightroom Service at BOP

While outsourcing image editing requirements to BOP, we offer the below-mentioned benefits along with the core services:

  • Get 3D rendering, video tools, and vector graphics in one place.
  • Get an excellent image management facility with lightroom
  • Get support for files from all digital cameras, and convert them into others as required throughout the improvement cycles.
  • Create unique looking web galleries with amazing pictures edited with the lightroom features.
  • Get a better-printed image when edited in lightroom.


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Adobe Lightroom is best for editing large numbers of images and our expert editors well versed with the software and deliver the best quality images on time. When you require a huge volume of images processed quickly, we are here to take the load and provide a standardized lightroom editing service that serves your business goals. Outsource lightroom services to BackOffice Pro and get amazing images along with the outsourcing benefits. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.