Image Processing Company in Denmark Increased Sales by 60% Outsourcing Image Editing

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Meet the Client: Norwegian Image Processing Company

The client is a Norwegian image processing firm with 13 studios across Scandinavia.

Objective of the Image Processing Project

They wanted to increase their number of studios from 13 to 21 across Scandinavia to reach 200 studios across Europe. The client aimed at covering a large volume of image processing daily to scale up their production.




Software / Application

Adobe Photoshop CS6, Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and Quark Express


120 images per day

Challenges at the Client’s End on Image Processing

The company was expanding, so was their image processing volume. They were finding it challenging to support the work in-house. Finally, they tied up with us and sent us 100-120 photos spread over 3-4 folders daily.

As per the requirements of the client, we needed to do the image cropping, path clipping, editing the background of images, editing images, sharpening the photos, path fixing, panorama stitching, B/W to color, re-creating images, cleaning up photos, layer masking, color correction.

Using a highly efficient team of skilled designers and animators, we provided the client with complete image processing solutions. The software used included Adobe Photoshop CS6, Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and Quark Express.

Image Processing project Takeaways

These were the results that were delivered by our team of experts:

  • Reduced their product delivery cycle by a whopping 40%, increasing sales by 60%
  • Saved 60-70% of its operating costs
  • Received the processed images 48 hours before the actual deadlines

The client etched out more time to concentrate fully on the photography side, thus ensuring that a lot of valuable time was saved. After half a year of partnership, the CEO of BackOffice Pro led a team of four and visited the client in Norway to better understand the business to ensure that all communication lines were clear both ways.

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