Photojournalism Agency in the Netherlands Saves Time and Cost with the Best Hair Masking Services

Hair Masking Summery

Client Profile - Photojournalism Agency in the Netherlands

Based in the Netherlands, the client is a photojournalist who made his newspaper at a very young age. He is a famous sport and news photographer and kept on adding prestigious names in his client list which includes corporate photography, annual report photography, wedding photography even. The client’s creativity and utmost dedication towards the service make him a genius and well known.

Client Requirement - Hair Masking

The client, being a big name himself, was looking to partner with a company that could help him with hair masking of headshot corporate photographs and removing the darker background to grey. He chose to work with BOP to get the ecstatic outcomes of the images.

Initial Challenges involved in the Project

Time was the primary and major challenge as we had to submit 700 image sin just two days. We planned our resources in a way that they worked an extra 2 hours to meet the challenge.

Hair Masking

Back office Pro Solution for Hair masking

Once they shared the JPEG files of the headshots, we appointed four image editors in different shifts to meet the goal.

  • First, the clipping path was done with Photoshop
  • Following step wash hair masking
  • Then we changed the background from black to grey color
  • Finally, we saved the files in jpeg and PSD formats and delivered to the client within two days.


Key Benefits for the Client

The client received 700 images in 2 days, saving 20% of the cost. This has significantly made the client happy and he has signed up for ongoing projects.