UK Based Video Production & Photography Company Gets One of the Kind Drone Image Stitching Service

This case study describes how an aerial videography company used outsourcing to produce a golf course virtual tour based upon drone panoramas. The client selected BackOffice Pro (BOP) to help stitch drone photos together. The client's goal was images stitched to perfection — BOP delivered the final virtual tour with 100 per cent client satisfaction.

Client Profile — Specializing in Ground Photography and Aerial Videography

The client is based in the United Kingdom and specializes in full video productions, aerial photography, 360 degree virtual tours and post production. Operating for more than two decades, the client is among a small number of UK companies allowed to use a combination of cable cam flylines, telescopic masts, camera-stabilizing gimbals, drones (aka unmanned aerial vehicles or UAVs) and high-end remote-controlled cars.

Business Need — Converting Drone Photos into a Golf Course Virtual Tour

The client's primary business requirement was to produce a virtual tour of a golf course located in Battle, a town that is about 55 miles from London. The client also wanted to include hot spots during the virtual tour process that could highlight ground level locations such as the golf course lodge, putting and driving surfaces, bar, restaurant and retail shop. This assignment involved image stitching of drone panoramas — a highly specialized process that only a few professional photo editing companies such as BackOffice Pro can provide.

The Challenges — Perfection and Three-Dimensional Fields

While image stitching is always a complicated task, the use of drone panoramas added a new dimension in this project — and the client insisted on accuracy and perfection so that the final virtual tour would have a professional and impressive appearance for prospective customers.

Another special challenge involved the client's request to accommodate viewers moving vertically and horizontally through the virtual tour content. This required a 3D wide-field tour that permitted user navigation during the virtual tour.

BackOffice Pro Results — On-time, Accurate and Cost-Effective

BackOffice Pro was successful in exceeding the client's expectations with these results:

  • On-time delivery of the virtual tour produced with drone image stitching.
  • All stitched images met the client's high standard of accuracy and perfection.
  • The client was 100 per cent satisfied with BOP's work and final product.
  • The efficiency and expertise of BOP's photo editing team facilitated cost-effective pricing.
  • Due to enhanced imagery supported by BackOffice Pro, the client's aerial photography business acquired more customers.


The Solution — Specialized Photo Editing Software and BOP's Expert Photo Editors

Knowing that even slight deviations could make the virtual tour seem unprofessional, BackOffice Pro assembled an expert team to meet all client requirements. The BOP team chose a combination of Autopano Giga and PTGui software. Because of a high level of advanced photo editing training and image stitching experience, the virtual tour was created for the client in 2.5 hours by one BOP photo editor.