Outdoor Photography Firm in Sweden Used Outsourcing Model to save on 60% of its yearly operating cost

The Client

The client is a Sweden based sports and outdoor photography firm which works with sports societies, suppliers and works with all kinds of athletes and their management all across Sweden.

The Business Requirement

The client’s main business plan revolved around offering affordable services to its customers, which meant that it could not afford to spend too much on operating costs or infrastructure. Opting for an offshore solution was clearly the best solution for the firm. Besides partnering with someone who could help reduce the operating costs the requirement also demanded a no-compromise attitude towards quality.

The Challenges

The major challenges faced by the client as it set out to get offshore help were:

  • Not only meeting quality standards but also delivering services in a timely fashion
  • Sticking within the margins of budgetary limits
  • Lack of manpower with the required skills
  • Cost of high infrastructure
  • Lack of sufficient resources to stick to a two-day turnaround time

The Back Office Pro Solution

Using our experienced workforce, we were able to offer the best possible partnering solution to the Swedish firm. The main highlights were:

  • Allocating resources properly so as to meet the demands of a short deadline
  • Strictly using only VPN communication: IPSec/ PPTP to ensure the highest level of data security
  • We found the best possible team in terms of qualifications and skills
  • Provided the necessary training to the new recruits and brushed up that of the experienced staff
  • Paying the utmost attention to client data security by using the latest licensed version of McAfee Enterprise Suite
  • To ensure that the workflow was as seamless as possible we used hi-end safety solutions and gateway-level filters for spam and spyware. We established surf control through a URL filter and domain level access restrictions.
  • Providing our imaging experts with a dedicated 4Mbps broadband line
  • Using 40 high-end workstations with proper software licensing to make sure that the work was completed without encountering any speed-bumps
  • Using the latest and fully upgraded image editing software


The Result

Owing to our contribution, the client managed to get the most desired results for this job:

  • It managed to save up to 60% of its yearly operating cost
  • By training our staff well we managed to increase the client’s efficiency
  • Most importantly, the client was finally able to provide its customers with quality products at affordable rates

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