Outsource Clipping Path

No matter how beautiful your marketing or advertising photographs are, and no matter how well lit and intelligently composed, they are limited. They are limited by the background, the setting, and literally every decision that went into their creation.

Your marketing and promotional images have to be flexible and capable of being used in a wide variety of scenarios, campaigns, and mediums. That’s why you need clipping path services, and that’s why you need to outsource clipping path services to a partner who can provide expert, skilled results. Because the quality and accuracy of your clipping paths will determine how good your marketing imagery looks. By partnering with experts like Back Office Pro, you guarantee your primary images can be re-purposed endlessly, with great-looking results every time.

Clipping Path Services We Offer

Some companies think they don’t have to outsource clipping path services because it seems so straightforward and simple in concept. The fact is, clipping path services come in a wide variety of specific applications:

  • Background Removal

    We can cleanly and accurately cut out your primary image and delete the background entirely, leaving a clean layer to be composited into a variety of new backgrounds.

  • Text Isolation

    Sometimes you want to save decorative text or designed text logos – we can eliminate everything else and leave you with crisp, clean text elements for reuse.

  • Clip Smooth or Straight Edges

    Whatever you wish to surgically remove from the base image, our skilled technicians have the steady hands and keen eyes to accomplish the task.

  • Clipping of Complex Images

    The difficulty of creating a clipping path for a complex image goes up with every curve, angle, and detail. Luckily the Back Office Pro team has seen it all.

  • Natural Drop Shadow

    Outsource clipping path services don’t just remove elements – they can be used to add elements like complex shadow effects to give your clipped images depth.

  • Mirror Reflections

    A mirror effect is a creative and visually striking way to bring a 3D feel to your images, and Back Office Pro has the clipping path experts to achieve this effect.

Benefits of Outsourcing with Back Office Pro

When you choose to outsource clipping path services to Back Office Pro, you’re choosing excellence in just about every aspect of the work:

  • Quality Your clipped images will be perfect, with no ‘noise’ or sloppy edges that can make clipped images look amateurish and messy.
  • Speed Our team is experienced and skilled, so complex clipping path work that slows down other firms glides through our process easily – we never miss a deadline.
  • Savings By choosing to outsource clipping path work to Back Office Pro you can concentrate on your core business instead of the meticulous, time-consuming work of clipping images.
  • Expanded Options When you have professional outsource clipping path work done on your marketing images, you have more options to use the photographs you paid to create, as the clipped images can be re-purposed in a variety of ways without re-shoots.


Why You Should Act Now

Every moment you spend trying to create your own clipping paths is time you could be putting to better use. And every clipping path you create that isn’t perfect reflects poorly on your business. Don’t waste time, effort, or money on poor results - outsource clipping path services to Back Office Pro and we will make you look good on-time and on-budget. Call us today to discuss what we can do for you.