Carpet and Upholstery Company from NY get the best combination of skills for Clipping Carpet and Upholstery Images

Carpets and Upholstery Manufacturing Company Summery

Client Profile- New York Based Carpet and Upholstery Company

Once started as a family business and established in 1979 in New York City, the client is a manufacturer of fine rugs. With decades of knowledge of material textures, color, classic designs, they emerged as the leading name in the rug manufacturing industry. Ranging from beautiful traditional designs to the modern styles, they are just perfect in providing the best match for the room and the setup. Earlier, they focused only on manufacturing the carpets and its wholesale distribution throughout the US. Later they adopted the eCommerce mode as an effective way to offer better customer experience.

Client Requirement: Clipping Carpet and Upholstery Images

The client was looking to partner with a company that can help them in clipping Carpet and Upholstery images. The task involved cutting the carpet from the image, placing it on a white background and changing the upholstery color. The color of the upholstery sofa and the carpet must match with each other. BOP offered them a high quality which leads to a huge flow of work on our way.

Initial Challenges involved in the Project

Manipulating the carpet in the room was a great challenge initially. However, with high expertise, we overcame the challenge.

Carpets and Upholstery Manufacturing Company

Back office Pro Solution for Clipping Carpet and Upholstery Images

  • We started with image enhancement in Photoshop
  • Followed with image retouching which can also be called product enhancement
  • Liquifying or removing the wrinkles was the third step to give a realistic look
  • We did the image manipulation by placing the image and sofa in the image.
  • The final output was shared with the client in Jpeg and Png format.


Significant Benefits for the Client

The client received the best quality images for their marketing initiatives saving 80% on time and cost. Being highly satisfied with our deliverables, they have offered us an ongoing workflow.