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BackOffice Pro (BOP) is a significant name in the creative industry, providing various prepress and artworks to the global advertising companies, packaging companies, publication, and print production companies. We work in a specific prepress environment known as workflow, depending on the prepress requirement to turn a design into a print-ready digital prepress. Outsource prepress services to BackOffice Pro in India when you have a voluminous business requirement.

With an in-depth understanding of the picture resolution, pixels, and advanced creative skills, our prepress experts deliver high-quality prepress artworks. Contact us to know more about our prepress services and how we can assist you in your business requirements.

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Prepress Services Skill Sets at BackOffice Pro

As one of the famous prepress companies in India catering to the global clientele, our team possess the below-mentioned skillsets:

  • Proficient in working with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, MX Studio and Acrobat to proofread image documents.
  • Clear understanding of the file formats such as EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) that are compatible to the PostScript Scanner
  • Precise knowledge of flexographic and offset printing, and die-line cutting
  • Ace in scanning images digitally and adding them to the desired output
  • Savvy in the narrow web prepress to deliver prepress artworks to be printed on plastic, metal, films etc, usually 6” to 20” wide
  • Expertise in alpha channel for storing selections (masks) and transparency information in the image program.
  • Competent in banding to remove undesirable, abrupt, color breaks in a color vignette or smooth gradation.
  • Highly skilled in bleed and anti-aliasing to smooth out jagged edges, diagonal lines and curves.
  • Experienced in accurate typesetting to prepare print-ready files for labels, packaging, and publication
  • Adept in graphic design and preparing vector and raster files required for various printing purposes
  • Efficient in performing color correction, color retouching, and manipulation of artworks and photographs through trapping and image enhancement techniques
  • Deep understanding of color palates such as PMS (Pantone Matching System), RGB, CMYK, their usages and the outcomes after printing

Prepress services that BOP Offers

Being among the significant digital prepress service providers, the team at BOP provides subtle artworks following the prepress process in mind. Here is the list of prepress services we offer:

  • Artwork Whether the prepress requirement is for a small postcard, or a book, or even for packaged goods designs, BOP experts create vectorized prepress artworks of various sizes based on the client’s requirements that are print-ready. Our artworks are used for several publications, printing, and packaging requirements.
  • Typesetting We present the textual materials graphically with accurate typesetting that is ready to print on different mediums as per the need. We retrieve the stored letters, sorts, and glyphs and put them for the best visual display post-printing.
  • Color Proofing We create the accurate facsimile of the artwork carrying out color tests and adjustments. Our prepress efforts involve proofing the images, illustrations, texts, and color before the final printing is done to meet the printing standards.
  • Color Management We provide color management by stimulating the final output in a device for proofing and producing a wider range of colors with the RGB (red, green, blue) and CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) to bestow a visual appeal.

Benefits of Outsourcing Prepress Services to BOP

Being one of the key prepress companies in India, when you outsource your prepress requirements to us, you are assured of getting dedicated services along with the following benefits:

  • Get high-quality, error-free, and consistent prepress artworks for different labels and sizes.
  • Make the final output as legible, with color proofing and accurate multilingual typesetting.
  • Optimize, design, and envision your label artwork based on your various requirements.
  • Evaluate whether your labels, wraps, pouches, and other packages meet the color targets with a high accuracy level.
  • Convert diverse document formats to desired digital formats that are supported by the Postscript.

Get Exclusive Prepress Artworks to Support your Branding Requirements

Prepress services have gained immense importance in graphic design when it comes to branding, owing to the accuracy it renders in the printing process. BackOffice Pro’s experts offer image assembly, color separation, artwork for the publishing, and packaging industry. We ensure the graphics provided by the client are accurate with uniform color along with digital proofing, multi-language typesetting. If you have innovative designs and are looking to get assisted with your pre-press requirements or allied need for desktop publishing services, contact BackOffice Pro, and discuss your business requirements at length.