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BackOffice Pro (BOP), is a leading outsourcing company in India providing augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) view services for construction companies, architectural firms, interior designing companies across the world. Our AR and VR designs improve the project lifecycle by increasing efficiency, safety, streamlining collaboration within teams and stakeholders, manage construction cost, reducing errors and reworks, enhancing the project success. Outsource augmented reality and virtual reality services to BOP in India.

Be it 3D plan creation, design review, AR / VR panoramic view, floor plan, clash management, point cloud to VR, space planning, design visualization, BOP has it all. Our augmented and virtual reality services for construction enable a better understanding of the project, layers of materials, installations, etc. even for complex geometries. Contact us today to know more about our services.

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Skillsets of Augmented Reality in Architectural Engineering at BOP

We offer augmented reality and virtual reality services for architectural projects with the following expertise:

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  • Expert in working with 3D modeling tools like Revit, 3DS Max, SketchUp, Rhino, etc
  • Proficient in using Revit Live, Enscape, InsiteVR, IrisVR, Revizto, Unreal
  • Experienced in UV Unwrapping, shading & texturing, skinning, rigging,
  • Adept in animation using Unity with the in-depth concept of lighting, baking, rendering, object/image tracking
  • Expertise in creating digital twins of projects, collaborative designs, design reviews, space planning, store visualization for commercial projects
  • Highly experienced in creating VR / AR programs and 3D programming
  • Adroit in working with Vuforia Studio and creating a calibrated performance in cross-platform

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Services at BOP

BOP has a wide array of AR and VR services for the architectural and construction projects offered by engineers with vast experience. Here is the list of services:

  • AR / VR Design for Architectural Projects With a vast experience of working with powerful software like Unity and Unreal Engine, the BOP team of AR and VR engineers provide real projects before the completion of the construction. With photorealistic animation, our AR and VR designs give an accurate view of the completed project.
  • Design Review with Interactive VR BackOffice team of AR and VR engineers enable better interaction on the product or design presentation in a virtual environment, through hiding and showing specific parts, sticking virtual flags along with annotations, clipping planes and navigating quickly.
  • Panoramic AR and VR for Construction Site Review BOP provides a panoramic AR and VR view that gives deeper information about the project like design coordination errors, design gaps, clash information, and more, employing tethered head-mounted display (HMDs), allowing the navigator to get a real feel.
  • 4D AR/ VR Simulation BOP enables AR-based 4D simulation to help in comprehending the work process and better assessment of the project phase schedule. Our VR simulation allows shared immersive 3D walkthrough in the virtual project with real-time interaction between the stakeholders located remotely.
  • Point Cloud to VR We convert point cloud data of the architectural projects to the VR view. The 3D scan data are exported in .dp, .3dc, .asc, .ply formats, and then these are imported to get a VR view. The 3D meshed models can be exported for further process
  • AR in Visualization We offer visualization service for architectural models incorporating AR technology by providing 3-D models in the existing 2D floor plans with multiple interactive facilities, including real-time shadow analysis, material selection, etc.

Benefits of Augmented Reality Services at BOP

Our services are accompanied with many advantages as below:

  • Create 3D models directly in 2D plans of architectural and construction.
  • Create design and prototyping of the actual construction project to get a clear understanding of the project after completion
  • Get comprehensive site and space measurement concerning height, width, and depth, with augmented reality
  • Get a detailed physical view of all digital information and documentation
  • With AR, plan your construction phases from start to finish with accuracy, preventing rework and hazards while saving on construction costs

Help Your Client to Envision Your Construction Design and Accelerate Your Sales

Augmented and virtual reality in architectural and construction projects have made strong foothold while enabling architects with quick approval of complex projects and better client experience. BOP assists construction companies with 2D drawings, 3D modeling, and VR viewing of your project designs that help you to convince your clients and embrace them. Contact us today to discuss how we can assist you in your construction project plans with a virtual reality view.