Contract Manufacturing Company in Minneapolis Plans Efficient Project with Accurate Fabrication Cost Estimation Service

Fabrication Cost Estimation Synopsis

Client Profile: Leading Contract Manufacturing Company in Minneapolis

Based out in Minneapolis, the client is a leading contract manufacturing firm that was established in 1962. They provide quality and cost-effective sheet metal fabrication service to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in sectors like telecommunication, retail, industrial products, medical, commercial applications, and store fixtures, and more.

Cost Estimation

Client Requirement: Fabrication Cost Estimation

They were in search for an outsourcing partner that could help them with fabrication cost estimation so that they can and reduce their sales cycle, increasing their number of projects. BackOffice Pro (BOP) was their choice owing to our vast experience and expertise on cost estimation. They hired us for their project and were highly satisfied with our deliveries, along with modeling and drafting services.

Initial Challenges in the Project

In the initial phase, understanding the project mission and the capabilities without seeing the project floor was difficult. Every alternate day we had meetings with the client, and it took a month for us to get trained and understand the mission and requirement successfully. Another challenge associated was that whenever they uploaded a drawing, they expected the quotation within 24 hrs. However, our team of experienced engineers were able to understand the requirements, provided the quote within the 24-hours, and combated challenge.

The Customized Approach of the BOP for the Project

Once we received the raw material cost, mission conception and cost, number of labors, and man-hours involved, we used SolidWorks 2019 to prepare the fabrication cost estimation accurately, working 150 hours per month. We also provided them the 3D modeling of the process.

Value Added to the Client’s Project

The client hired us fabrication cost estimation; however, we also created 3D modeling of the process and workflow of the project for better understanding. They were highly satisfied with our deliverables.