US Based HVAC Company Outsourced HVAC Drafting for 330 Tasks and Cost Substantially

HVAC Drafting Assistance at BOP

BackOffice Pro (BOP) is a highly recognized company among the engineering community due to the diverse HVAC engineering expertise. We analyze and provide complex blueprints, schematics, ducting and piping drawings, and drafting for all HVAC design and drafting needs.


Meet the Client – Renowned HVAC Company in the USA

The company is a reputed American firm in the duct layout industry.

Objective Behind the Duct Layout and Drafting

The major objective behind the duct layout need was to get assistance for their huge demand for technical drawing within fast turnaround time.





330 drawings


10 months

Client’s Challenges Before Outsourcing Duct Layout Need

The client was facing huge challenges for duct designing and drawing. The number of drawings that the client required to give its merchants was developing at a tremendous rate, and they required drawings with fast turnaround time. Their main requirement was to find someone who was an expert in duct design, drafting, and layout while also providing analytics services in website, software, and financial development.

The ideal partner would be a team who has an in-depth understanding of the duct design and can interact with both the client’s R&D team and its dealers. As the job progresses, the partner would also be responsible for making invoices for produced work and updating the client's reports and catalogs online.

BackOffice Pro was approached by the organization with the errand of researching their line of items and utilizing both business programming and programming created by them to outline pipe designs.

BackOffice Pro Solution on Duct Layout drafting

BackOffice Pro immediately began the methodology at a little size and immediately increased the quality and turnaround time by which the drawings were conveyed. A group was set up to oversee key CTQs (Critical to Quality parameters).

In three months, our capacity to convey drawings had expanded the number thrice. Given the volume of the drawings, we moved to the FTE model and had engineers from BackOffice Pro, serving as a feature of the client's group in the US. The reconciliation has been tight to the point that our specialists know when a colleague in the US has a child and even how the climate condition is on a specific day!

Within a month, requests had developed to just about 10- fold. Supporting the most abnormal amount of value, the yield was matching interest. The representation indicates how the progress of work developed at BackOffice Pro for over seven months.

Duct Design Project Takeaways

The correctness of the drawings processed at BackOffice Pro was high to the point that stock arranging and invoicing began to be done dependent upon these drawings.

We get compliments from the client, as well as from his merchants consistently. The client confided so much in our administrations that we've now started to call the client’s customers.

We have traversed 330 tasks in 10 months. Before long, we began creating programming, giving Data administration results, budgetary administrations, and website advancement administrations. Engineers from the client's area have gone by our architects to prepare them for a significant time in house codes they need us to venture into. The project brought quality to the table being a piece of the client's group and endeavors.

CFD Modeling CTA

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