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BackOffice Pro is your outsourcing partner to architectural and construction companies, helping you with BIM energy modeling services to evaluate and analyze the energy use of your building design. The BackOffice Pro team assists in all energy modeling project requirements, from offering resources to hire with huge experience in energy efficiency and environmental issues, working with sustainability frameworks for buildings, etc.

Included in our offerings are energy simulation and analysis studies, apt during the design development process to optimize the flow and use of energy within a proposed building. Whether you’re a designer, developer, architect, HVAC professionals, energy consultant, or anyone else along the engineering design process, the BIM energy modeling services from BOP can help you improve the design to reduce wasted energy and maximize energy efficiency. The cost savings from our energy analysis alone will make this a call you won’t regret!

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BIM Energy Modeling Skill Sets at BackOffice Pro

The world of energy modeling is vast, and it’s moving all the time quickly. Here are just some of the numerous energy modeling skill sets that BackOffice Pro brings to the table:

Energy Modeling Skillset
  • Deep knowledge of energy performance analysis and modeling processes energy efficiency designs and dealing with environmental permits, measures, and regulations.
  • Highly experienced in working with sustainability frameworks for buildings like EPA’s ENERGY STAR program, DOE’s Better Buildings, Better Plants, DOE’s Industrial Assessment Centers, and even USGBC’s LEED
  • Greatly experienced in energy management and optimization and energy analysis in BIM for industrial plants and commercial buildings.
  • Highly skilled with power system operations, management, and simulation tools to forecast energy use, and use that information to maximize the value of the design.
  • Trained in building substantial computer models, simulation tools and co-simulation frameworks for all energy and environmental systems for your building.
  • Highly qualified in high-performance state-of-the-art modeling tools.

Energy Analysis in BIM Modeling Services Back Office Pro Offers

After choosing to outsource your BIM energy modeling services to BackOffice Pro, we’ll offer you a wealth of different potential services for your building design process:

  • Energy Modeling Design, Drafting, and Simulation The BOP will integrate energy modeling into your building designs to ensure the flow proper of energy and its usage.
  • Dynamic Thermal and Bulk Airflow BOP experts do thermal modeling of temperature to plan out energy use and your bulk airflow to maximize the heating and cooling efficiency in a building.
  • HVAC Plant and ControlsBOP helps in planning out in controlling, directing and implementing the HVAC systems most efficiently to save on heating and cooling energy.
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) BOP experts help in modeling the flow of temperatures that requires high computing power in computational fluid dynamics.
  • Solar Shading By taking solar shading into account, BOP helps you to optimize your building design to reduce the need for heating on cold days.
  • Daylighting and Artificial Lighting Modeling Analysis BOP design your building in such a way to maximize the amount of light that comes naturally to minimize the energy needed in your lighting systems reducing the need and impact of artificial lighting.
  • Interior and Exterior Lighting Modeling Analysis BOP uses the interior and exterior lighting model analysis to illuminate your home in the most efficient manner to maximize the use of energy in a building.
  • Concept and Design for Lighting Control Systems BOP’s energy modeling experts use occupancy sensors, smart lighting, and other lighting control systems to save your energy and money.

Benefits of Outsourcing Energy Modeling BIM Services to BackOffice Pro

Numerous benefits will draw you to using our BackOffice Pro experts at BIM energy modeling services. Not only do we deliver high-quality results faster and more affordably, but you can also take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Be able to estimate monthly and annual energy consumption, as well as the cost of the energy systems in a building, that lets your planning and budgeting take place before even building the structure.
  • Disaggregate your expected energy consumption and associated power bills based on the source of energy consumption, such as HVAC vs. lighting vs. fans and pumps, and more.
  • With all this modeling information, you can evaluate different design options and appliance choices based on their expected energy.
  • Evaluate the total lifecycle costs of each design aspect of the building, taking into account energy use.
  • Provide a thorough environmental impact assessment for each aspect of your building

Outsource Energy Modeling BIM Service Requirements to BOP

Modeling energy use in a building will inform how expensive daily operations will be and what the impact on the environment can be calculated. In today’s world, sustainability is more important than ever and saving on the bottom line via reduced power bills can not be overvalued. When you outsource your BIM energy modeling or energy analysis in BIM to BackOffice Pro in India, we’ll ensure you get the best possible results, while also providing deliverables on or before your due date and for a price you can’t find elsewhere.

Reach out to us today at BackOffice Pro so we can share more information about our team of experts, our energy modeling BIM services, and what we can offer to you as BIM Outsourcing Services.