Video Tagging of Supermarket Videos for Brazilian Information Research Firm

Video Tagging Case Synopsis

The Client - A Professional Information Research Consultant

Based in Brazil, the client is a firm of technical experts who excel in researching and providing a variety of prices and information as and when it is requested by business professionals. This data is specifically tailored to suit the detailed nuances of supply and demand.

They believe access to quality information enhances the entire retail value chain since it reflects on fairer and more affordable prices for consumers and better negotiations between industry and retail. Using tailor-made web portals, software, and full data integration the client has industry-leading capabilities in getting relevant information as quickly as 1000 prices in 20 minutes.

Video Tagging and Data Entry Requirements for This Project

The client contacted our team at BackOffice Pro (BOP) through an online inquiry, concerning a project involving a high volume of supermarket counter display videos. These videos contained several product price estimates. To make this data more usable, we were required to provide video data entry and video tagging services to ascertain and compare market prices, prepare market intelligence reports, etc.

This project included over 110, 000 records divided up between 20 full-time data entry professionals. We were required to split this team up into two groups of ten. One group worked Brazilian hours, and the other worked non-Brazilian hours. We were expected to deliver 1000 – 1200 records per hour over three months.

Challenges Faced by BOP’s Data Entry Team

As our team worked on this particular project, the main challenges we came across were due to the almost ad hoc nature of the data we were receiving from the client. The client also tended to change task priorities often, shifting from one urgent matter to another. Because of this, our team experienced some confusion, and as a result, we faced a few delays.

To deal with this problem, we had a few meetings with the client to better gauge the direction they needed this project to move in. This enabled us to create a staple priority list which greatly improved our productivity moving forward.

Research Firm Team

The Video Tagging Process Followed by BackOffice Pro

Our team at BackOffice Pro worked diligently and applied professionalism obtained through years of experience to ensure this project would be a success for all parties involved.

  • The client started off the project by providing our team with training via a 1-hour screen sharing and phone call session.
  • We accessed the needed data by logging into the client’s customized tool and watching each of the videos
  • We gathered the pricing information obtained from the videos and entered this information into the client’s proprietary tool.
  • Each record consisted of one price or one product.
  • The client kept track of each record and communicated any changes that needed to be made.


Client Expectations Exceeded with 35% Cost Benefit

At BackOffice Pro, our professionals work tirelessly to provide world-class services to every one of our clients, and this project was no different. We applied high levels of determination to ensure our output would not only meet the client’s expectations but exceed them.

We met each deadline and in doing so afforded the client a 35% cost benefit despite any currency differences. The final information was exactly what the client needed, and they were so impressed by our work that they have requested for more projects to be handled by us in the future. We look forward to doing to work with this client moving forward.