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BackOffice Pro (BOP) is a leading outsourcing company offering a wide gamut of annotation services, including gesture annotation to various organizations dealing with AI, machine learning, VR, sign language, etc. in all global locations. We assist companies in retrieving valuable information about their customers from human gestures and segregate them based on motion representation, synthesis, and tracking, etc. Outsource gesture annotation service to BOP India and get the best solution for your business requirements.

Irrespective of the diverse client requirements like facial and emotion annotation, semantic annotation, timestamping, sign language, motion sequence annotation, and more, the BOP team can assist in these needs. We have the latest tools and skills that leads us to deliver the best output. Contact us to discuss your project and find out how we can assist you.

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Gesture Annotation Services Skillsets at BOP

BOP’s experts are highly experienced and provide manual gesture annotation as well as an automated process with the following skillsets:

  • Expert in tagging and annotating conversation data to provide useful information for the machine learning team.
  • Proficient in data annotation on ADAS, DMS (Driver monitoring system)
  • Experienced in gesture recognition, facial recognition with a deep understanding of data analysis and image annotation.
  • Well versed with data annotation tools like Vision, Radar, Lidar
  • Seasoned in capturing the temporal structure data, semantic annotation, transcription
  • In-depth knowledge in motion capture data, phonetic annotation, and interpretation

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Human Gesture Annotation Services at BOP

We offer a wide range of gesture annotation services to our clients that help them in understanding human gestures and process them for machine learning. Here is the list of services we provide:

  • Capturing Temporal Structure We help companies in obtaining the temporal structure of various gestures by recognizing the fundamental human movement phases. Our gesture annotation serves as integral data for machine learning and AI development.
  • Motion Capture Data Annotation BOP experts track the human motion data like emotion and expression and precise human movements that help in video game development, character animation, etc.
  • Semantic Annotation The data annotation team at BOP offers semantic annotation service in which we attach additional information to different concepts in text format, which is used by machines for reference.
  • Timestamping and Transcription We include accurate timestamping in the image content at continuous intervals that help in optimizing visual materials to align the transcript content with the recording.
  • Facial Gesture Recognition and Annotation We obtain emotion and expression via a different medium, questionnaire, derive data to determine human behavior. This can be useful in various departments of product and process development, customer experience, and so on.
  • Sign Language Phonetic Annotation We also provide annotations for sign languages along with interpretation and scrutiny of the sign language data. We provide precise sign language and phonetic annotations for educational purposes.
  • Conversation Gestures Annotation We provide annotation schemes for the conversation gesture with basic interpretations of hand gestures, facial expressions, and body language. This helps in academic research and development in the gaming and entertainment industry.

Benefits of Human Gestures Annotation Services at BOP

The BOP combines the gesture annotation service with various benefits as below:

  • Facilitate the concerned team in your company with an immediate and robust interaction with the customers
  • Add intuitiveness and enjoyability in the communication with the customers
  • Ease out the interaction with the devices while reducing the need for keys and mouse
  • Transcribe the sign and symbols into text for better assessing the customer's emotions and behavior associated with the product.

Spearhead the Market with the Best Gesture Annotation Services from BOP

Gesture recognition helps in product and process development across various industries, manufacturing companies, surveys, and research. With easy identification of the sequence of points and accurate datasets, BOP helps companies with gesture annotation service to accelerate growth and achieving their business goals. Contact us today and outsource gesture annotation service to us to get the best solution for your business needs and avail out outsourcing benefits.